c. 1950s: Christmas Guns

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  1. Suzi Love

    I can’t help but laugh at the Christmas gun adds, even though it’s a horrifying thought that adds like that were really shown and seen.
    Love your site,

  2. George

    Nothing horrifying about a simpler time when guns were viewed as the useful tools and fun recreational items that they are.

    • Bastian

      yeah right I heard people argue guns were good for killing (people) can you believe it?

    • pfffft

      It’s called an AK. Or AKM. The AK-47 was a prototype model and has never been mass produced.

      When will people finally learn this?

  3. Mike K

    Re; Suzi Love … what is horrifying is your comment; it is truly a shame that we live in a country that can no longer have ads like this due to criticism from a small minority. Guns made this country, they will forever be a part of it. And the ads are very tasteful.


    • Priskat Priskat

      Dear Mike,
      Guns sure made your country, as it made mourning moms and dads… today being the day after the Newtown tragedy, it’s quite interesting to read your and other people’s comments. These tasteful ads are from a different time, when people used to respect life and other people, just as I respect your opinion, even though I do not agree! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Rich T

    BB guns are politically incorrect now? wow.

    oddly, there doesn’t seem to be a single AK-47 in these ads.

  5. Fritz

    Oooooh no! Ads with guns were shown and seen! Horrifying. Wet your pants!

    Gave my kid one for christmas. He’ll learn much from the proper and safe handling of such.

    Huzzah for America!

  6. Joe Entropy

    I like how Bob’s Dad in the #8 calls him Bill. How much time does he spend with his son, anyway?

  7. ben

    nice ads! I’m 30, but grew up in california where guns = politically incorrect. it’s a shame that we become more fearful in order to progress, not less.

  8. Michael G.

    Yes, once upon a time in America we couldn’t wait until our parents thought we were old enough and mature enough to get our first BB gun. I also remember the Christmas I got a bow with real, target pointed arrows (that could kill most anything) and was allowed to carry that and my Crossman BB pistol out of sight of my parents. They actually trusted me! My dad had been in WW2 and told my brothers, sisters and I about the time a “greenie” has pointed rifle at him and how Dad had crawled him for that mistake. That was his main lesson … “never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to kill”.
    Lessons like that were dispensed by and governed by parents … not ads or TV puppets or federal mandates. Parents used to be enough for the proper up-bringing of children. Sad we can’t say that today.

  9. Nopuedodecir

    I got a Winchester Model 94 .30-30 from my parents for Christmas in 1959. Lifelong liberalish guy that I am, I still have it, still love it.

  10. Ian Whitehouse

    I cant believe that so many of these responses cant see anything wrong with these adverts. Give a child a gun to celebrate the birth of Christ? I’m not even overly religious but for country that is supposedly profoundly Christian how do they rationalise this. Can they imagine Christ advocating guns for children, is this likely?

    • John Skookum

      “Let he that hath no sword, sell his cloak and buy one.”

      The words of Christ, Luke 22:36

  11. Rita Ford

    To the best of my knowledge we do live in the good ole USA where guns are part of our heritage. At age 72 my Daisy sits next to the door to protect the kittens and neighbors chickens from the possums, raccoons & turkey buzzards. My shotguns, rifles and handguns have been disbursed to my daughter, son, grandsons & granddaughter because of arthritis & failing eyes. Because our family has been taught respect and responsibility for firearms for generations, we do not feel the rigors of pius separation of religion & state.

  12. Nagao

    I think it’s important to remember that these ads all walk a middle ground you don’t see as often these days. None of these are advocating the lethality of the rifles or their use against another person. They’re all represented as sporting guns for target shooting and hunting.

    It can be hard for people without gun experience to understand what most shooters are about. We just want to get good with a set tool. No one thinks archery buffs are crazed maniacs.

    I think the ads are cute. A little Americana around the holidays is a perfect tradition. Heck, Coke invented the current Santa. Then again, I bought my girlfriend a rifle for Christmas so I’m probably pretty bias.

    Agree or disagree, Happy Holidays everyone!

  13. elmo iscariot

    “I’m not even overly religious but for country that is supposedly profoundly Christian how do they rationalise this. Can they imagine Christ advocating guns for children, is this likely?”


    “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”
    -Luke 22:36

    I’m an atheist, but that doesn’t mean I’m a total historical illiterate. You’re projecting your modern inability to distinguish defensive violence from predatory violence onto people from the past, who didn’t share your disability.

  14. Javier

    I’ve just seen Bowling for Columbine yesterday, and seeing how U.S.A. people react to criticism makes a lot of sense to me now.

    great site tho.

  15. qka

    How can we forget Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” trying to convince his convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect gift for the 1940′s?

  16. Orangello

    I still remember vividly my first Daisy BB rifle and all the fun my friends and I had shooting it (mostly at cans). I also remember, even more fondly and vividly, my sixth Christmas and the gift my father gave me, a well-used but still beautiful .22 rifle (single shot, bolt action). After I picked it up & jumped up and down a few times, my father took me outside and explained how to safely use the little rifle. I still have that rifle. Thanks Dad!

  17. Patrick Lane

    I tell ya what. I may be 19 but the first BB gun i got was when i was 17 and that was the first gun i got to own (not shoot). Granted it was a Red Ryder and not a Daisy, it was old. Rusted and worn, i pulled it apart, cleaned it up, put new bolts in it, and re-finished it and now it looks like it just came out of the factory :) im happy to own one!

  18. Mike

    I can(‘)t believe that so many of these responses cant see anything wrong with these adverts. Give a child a gun to celebrate the birth of Christ? I’m not even overly religious but for country that is supposedly profoundly Christian how do they rationalise this.
    My 30-30 lever action put venison on the table (at age 16)
    My 12 Guage Pump put quail on the table (at age 14)
    My .410 single shot kept the rabbits out of the garden (at age 12)
    My .22 cal pellet gun kept the birds off the fruit trees (at age 10)
    My Daisy BB gun allowed Dad to teach me how to handle a fire arm. (at age 8)

    I don’t think Jesus would have a problem with Dad and I feeding our family (or keeping the garden safe from pests).

  19. Chris

    If my parents had given me a gun as a kid, maybe I wouldn’t have collected so damn many as an adult ;-)

  20. Wayne

    “I’ve just seen Bowling for Columbine yesterday, and seeing how U.S.A. people react to criticism makes a lot of sense to me now.”

    Well Javier, here’s the deal. The piece-o-crap you watched yesterday was a complete fabrication. For example; 1) given their size and length, the NRA’s annual meetings require planning and reservations up to 3 years in advance. When the two Ritalin infused Columbine students decided to become killers it was just ten days before the ’99 annual meeting. Unable to change the dates or location the NRA cut it’s meeting to a a day or two at considerable financial loss to the organization and individuals – a point “overlooked” in the film, 2)The speech given by Charlton Heston was not at the ’99 annual meeting (the year of Columbine). It was the year after and 1500 miles away in North Carolina, 3)The guns given out by the bank upon opening an account were given in the form of a voucher that could be traded for a gun AFTER completing a required waiting period AND a required ATFE/Police background check. NONE were handed out at the bank.

    There were other “boo=boos” but I’ll stop here. The films Michael Moore produces are LIES. Michael Moore is a LIAR. He is a socialist who would like nothing more than to change the United States into a socialist sty like that of the PRC, Cuba, or the former USSR. He purposely paints the worst possible picture of the United States.

    So comrade Javier, believe his bilious spewing if you must, but you’ve learned NOTHING about the United States and even less about Americans.

  21. Scott

    I would love to see ads for guns like this again. The attitude is changing whether the anti gunners want it or not. “Sons of Guns,” “American Guns”… two unapologetic shows dealing with guns. For the 15 millionth time guns are just human operated machines, just like cars. They can be used for good or abused just like any other tool.

    My father grew up in the 40′s in Maryland. He would get up early in the morning go hunting for ducks, drop off his birds at a local plucker, and then proceed to school WITH HIS SHOTGUN AND AMMO! When he arrived at school he would put his gun and ammo in the coat closet along with his coat. Nobody thought twice about it. That was because a whole slew of other boys his age had their guns in that closet too! When school was finished, He would pick up his gun, ammo and coat along with his books and would walk home with all of the other young hunters stopping off on the way to pick up the plucked birds that he shot for the dinner table that night.
    There were never any shootings and nobody complained. Guns and gun ads aren’t the problem.

  22. Jamin

    These comments are hilarious, are you all so American that you can’t see irony when it’s staring you slap bang in the face! I’m pretty sure all these ads were posted to show a time when everyone was clearly a bit more mental

  23. ThatDarnCat

    I received my first Daisey BB gun when I was 10. I learned marksmanship and respect for firearms. We had firearms in our house and none of my brothers or sisters ever shot anyone else. Only the mentally deficient see danger in everything, especially inanimate objects. England has a 100% firearms ban, but some of the highest murder rates per capita in the world. I can see how disarming the citizens reduces crime.

    • Zap

      ThatDarnCat, that statement is simply wrong, in every possible way. Do some research before you spout nonsense in future. And the country you are referring to is Britain, not England.


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