c. 1940s-1970s: Christmas Cigarettes

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  1. harleyrider1978

    Santa is also a COKE MAN!

    Besides now we see Santa loves all forms of tobacco use!

    Let freedom ring and a smoking ban repeal in your stocking!

    Even world famous communist destroying presidents prefer cigarettes!

  2. Zed Null

    This Christmas, “give” cancer… to EVERYONE on your list… and, you “won’t be sorry”… as they “slowly” hack themselves to death!!! *Wheeze! Puff! Wheeze! Puff! Whee…. Cough, cough, cough, cou… SHiiiiiiiiii…

    *This message, was brought to you; by the AMERICAN TOBACCO CO… and, here’s to GOOD HEAL…Cough, cough, cou…*

  3. Ronda

    With the price of cigarettes here in New York those would actually be pretty generous gifts these days.

  4. Kait

    A better guard against “throat scratch” would be to not smoke… lol Silly Santa!

  5. Flight

    This harkens back to an earlier time when people in this country had personal freedoms and could make their own choices. Amazing how the spin on that has changed.


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