c.1895-1940: Beach oil wells, Southern California

Huntington Beach

Oil derrick in the middle of a Beverly Hills Road, 1940

Oil wells in Huntington Beach, 1935

Playa del Rey beach

Southern California's first actively-exploited oil field near the present-day neighborhood of Echo Park. Photo c. 1895-1901

Sources: KCETOrange County ArchivesTitle Insurance and Trust / C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, USC LibrariesFrasher Foto Postcard Collection, Pomona Public Library

Curated by Alex Butterworth

4 Responses

  1. Rich

    Interesting pictures, just a small point but the Beverly Hills 1940 shot is back-to-front; cars driving on the left and “SLOW” in the road backwards.

  2. TR

    And they say wind power generators ruin the scenic vistas…
    If oil wells didnt bother people enough to keep them from going to the beach, I seriously doubt wind turbines would do worse. Historical perspectives can be so valuable when not ignored.

  3. ThatDarnCat

    TR, it’s the rich liberals who are blocking off shore wind farms in Cali.


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