1300s: “Baseball”


“Found in the margins of a calendar in a 14th-century Flemish book of hours. Various historians of sport have identified this as a version of “stool ball” or “stump ball”, which was baseball played with only one base”

- Got Medieval

Via Got MedievalTYWKIWDBI and The Walters Art Museum

Source: Got Medieval

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    • John

      Stool ball or stump ball also known as cricket in the air, milking stools used a wickets still played in leagues in Essex

  1. Cheesy

    Cricket HA Yes, so the Normans invented cricket. Not likely it would have come from the far eastern lands. And even before those people cricket was probably a fertility game, Im on a role now, to show off there hunting or stamina prowess. Stamina coincidently is what you need to watch the modern cricket game, ha ha, the universe turns in circles.

  2. Adam Carlo

    that’s a drawing showing the last time the Chicago Cubs won a world series.

  3. Adam Carlo

    I’ve been a lifelong Red Sox fan so until 2003, I completely understood your pain!

  4. Viktoria

    A cricket game form 1300, no wonder they still playing it, that game is forever!


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