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  1. Emily

    My history professor was just talking about these today. Now they have those Dr.Scholls machines that you stand on to determine what type of insoles you should use.

  2. Ralph

    I can remember using one of these in Scotland in the 70s when I was a child and watching the bones in my feet move as I wiggled my toes.

    No one believes me about it these days as it sounds crazy to expose people to radiation in such a cavalier manner.

  3. Yolande Clarke

    I certainly remember these; there was on in Clark’s shoeshop in Stroud during the 1950s and the boringness of buying school shoes was alleviated by being able to use these things. No one thought of the harm radiation could do; their concern was the harm that ill-fitting shoes could do to growing feet with soft developing bones and so forth. I am grateful for the fact that my feet are in pretty good condition all things considered!

  4. Michael

    A recent episode of American Restoration on the History Channel featured one of these, which they restored to visibly new condition; they had to have a hazmat expert come and remove the irradiation components, of course. How bizarre — this was during the same era when physicians thought it was a neat idea to insert barium pellets into sinuses in the belief that it would help breathing problems. It’s amazing that we manage to survive!

  5. Carl

    I wonder how much radiation the shoe store salesmen were exposed to using these on so many customers, and how they are today?

    Reminds me of the poor girls who put that radioactive paint on the faces of the wind up alarm clocks. It glowed so nice that they used it for lipstick and to paint their nails – (:

  6. Dr Domino

    And in Billion Dollar Brain, Harry Palmer uses one to see inside a package he has to deliver.

  7. Mark2

    Perhaps in forty years from now folks will look something on Retronaut that we happily expose ourselves to today and be as shocked and appalled as we are about the foot X-ray machine. Incidentally Harry Palmer was in good company: ‘Oor Wullie’ also used one to discover the whereabouts of the thrupenny bits in a Christmas pudding.

  8. Jose

    i actually own the exact same Pedoscope X-ray apparatus, St Albans, England 1930-1955. it’s actually just sitting in my garage, What would be the value for it???

  9. Alan Bickerstaff

    As a callow youth in the late 60′s/early 70′s, who’s feet grew at a disproportionate rate to the rest of my anatomy, I remember using one of these many times in the local Co-op shoe department. The rest of my body did catch up eventually, but then kept going until I “topped out” at 6ft 5in. Radiation induced growth spurt, anyone?

  10. Gene

    Nikola Tesla used to bathe his face in front of his X-Ray machines-he recorded how too much radiation turned his skin black!
    And bathing in (and drinking) radioactive spring water was supposed to be good for you-one guy drank so much that his cancerous jaw fell off.Some folks swear by spening time in old uranium mines (breathing in the poisonous radon gas).


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