‘This fake passport for Adolf Hitler was made by the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The work of this group was to organise resistance in countries taken over by the Germans during the Second World War.¬†They’ve given Hitler’s passport a red ‘J’ (which stood for ‘Jew’ on a German passport). He has a visa allowing his entry into Palestine, which was under British control at that time. The passport also describes Hitler’s occupation as a ‘painter’. Under distinguishing features, they list his ‘little moustache’.’

- National Archives

6 Responses

  1. Jamie

    I’m not quite sure I get this. Was there someone in 1941 who didn’t know who Adolf Hitler was?

  2. Brian Gonigal

    I feel like I’m missing something as well, unless it’s just a strangely juvenile, pointless bit of Anti-Nazi propaganda.

  3. Richard

    Someone clearly had a great sense of humour in the SOE. It made me laugh seventy years later :)

  4. James

    Was Hitler really delusional enough to disguise himself as a Jew in Nazi Germany? Apparently. Besides being one of the most recognizable people in the 20th century, why would he get a fake passport with his real name, labeling himself as on of the very people he, himself, sought to systematically exterminate?

    The mind of a madman.

  5. Alan

    As I understand this, it is a demonstration of a resistance organisation’s passport forging ability – with a twist of humour.


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