1938: Tips for Single Women

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  1. Linda Dawson

    At first glance I thought most of this advice was archaic. But the more I thought about it, some of it is just good manners, and good manners are a rare thing nowadays. For example, using a rearview mirror to adjust your makeup is rude. If a woman was in the driver’s seat and a man moved the rearview mirror, she’d be justifiably upset. We’ve become so casual that adjusting undergarments in front of others is done without a second thought. Yet, a little modesty is a good thing. Feminism has brought great gains for women in the workplace, but I think things have gone too far in personal relationships because a lot of women try to be ‘one of the guys.’ Also, there is nothing wrong with showing your date the respect he, or any human being, deserves by listening to what he has to say, not putting him down, ridiculing him, or trying to act superior.

    • Lauren

      Really? What passenger would do that to the rear view mirror these days? Don’t all passenger sides in cars have their own mirrors anyway? While yes some of these tips are still applicable today (not chewing gum loudly) discouraging women from talking anything about themselves and only about the man in a conversation would probably be a huge turn off to most men these days.

  2. kaitlyn

    All but one: my beau loves it when I show affection in public (or at least, he doesn’t complain–lol)

    The rest, as has been stated, is just good manners and common sense….. ;)

  3. Matt

    As sexist as this photo instruction is (assuming the advice applies only to a woman) it is good policy when followed by both sexes with respect! As has been said, I would welcome a dash of modesty and consideration today. It would be welcomed in public life.

  4. Martin

    Don’t talk while dancing? Be ready when he walks up, men don’t like to wait? Don’t get sentimental, men have no patience for feelings?

    Sorry, these are not good manners, they are relics of a male-centric world much better left in the 1950s!

    • Ajay

      Indeed they are relics, good manners is good manners but when they say stuff like ..Man needs it in driving..sounds like Caveman ugh thug. Im glad ladies do not have read such rubbish like the above anymore lol.

      I find it amusing that their are still people who would agree that most of the above is still valid..

  5. Abilene

    Some good tips, some bad. You choose what fits for the guy you’re seeing.
    My choices:
    Modesty-yes. Drunkeness-no. Paying attention to him-yes. Chatting with someone you know at a restaurant when the two of you are out on a date is pure rudeness.Be a lady-yes. Sit like a lady-yes.Putting make-up on in front of him shows you are not ready and not respecting his time with you so always be ready ahead of time showing respect as with anyone. Reapplying lipstick in private-yes. Fixing a stocking of garter in private shows modesty and a true lady. If you smoke, ask first if they would mind (proper manners). Most of these things when followed put a man in the place he was intended to which society has confused.
    For men: open the car door. Open all doors. Stand when a woman enters the room (showing respect for her- a lost practice for sure), staring at other women/ cranking your head around to see them-NO!Looking around the restaurant showing disinterest in her-NO. Little cologne goes a long way! Clean shaven, well dressed-Yes. Chatting with your buddies who show up is pure rude. Drunkenness-No. Together pick a movie you want to see, don’t just assume she wants to see some brawling, killing, comic heroes movie or a biography. Shaking her hand roughly upon greeting or end of the date- No. If you have dated a while-kissing the back of her hand-yes. First date- a gentle squeeze of the hand. Talking about ex’s-No. Talking about your children when they don’t have any-No (leave it to her to bring the subject up). Texting-No. Answering a friends call-NO. Answering an Ex’s call- definitely NO! Same goes for women. Chew with your mouth closed-Yes. Slurping -No. Many more….

    • Charlotte

      Abilene, you may miss those days but “society” did not confuse things: I, WE, US, People-who-are-not-you chose what we desired.

      I open doors for men, if I got there first. I don’t get offended if someone opens a door for me, but I get pissed if they go out of their way to make everything complicated and stupid by *insisting* on opening the door…that’s just inefficient.

      So much of “politeness” is simply inefficient. I dislike it. Deal with it.

      • Morgan

        Charlotte, I completely agree with you on your point about opening doors! I always open the door for for anyone if I get there first, and hold it open if there is anyone behind me. It is annoying when people insist on going out of their way to open a door for me, and I agree that it’s very inefficient. I think I get more pissed if someone walks through a door without checking to see if I’m a step or two behind them–that’s just rude, and again, inefficient. Efficiency definitely trumps politeness, at least in my book!

  6. Abilene

    @ Matt, I concur. Add to this the public affection limited to holding a hand at a table/ man presents his arm for her to walk. That’s my style. Call me old-fashioned. I like it!

  7. Josh

    Um is the average age of the people commenting on this article like 75? ARCHAIC.

    • Arlene

      Age has nothing to do with courtesy. That’s just common sense plus the Golden Rule.

  8. Kate

    Being a lady in 1938 sure sounds boring. Plus: sure, it’s good manners to pay attention to your date. The archaic part is that only ladies get the memo.

    • Charlotte

      The reverse for men would just be depressing “1. Try not to rape your date. 2. Even if she’s drunk. 3. Even if she adjusted her garter in front of you”

      • Adam

        “4. If she becomes familiar with another man on your date, then give her the back of your hand.

        5. But not your dominant hand. Women are fragile creatures, and break easily.”

  9. Eva

    Being a judged on the basis of being a ‘lady’ full-stop sounds awful. Biologically, I am a woman. Culturally, labeling women as ‘ladylike’ or not seems to be equated with heterosexual female attractiveness, and it is a nonsense that there is only one way to be attractive. After all Eleanor Roosevelt, Sarah Palin, Heidi Klum, and Wallace Simpson all seem to have had successful marriages!

    I will sit ‘awkwardly’ if my back hurts, and I will look bored if I am and change the conversation. If a guy gets bored, I expect him to do the same.

    • Occasnl Trvlr

      You don’t want to be “ladylike”? No problem, that’s your choice, and I support it.
      But, understand, you will not pair well with a gentleman.

  10. KnightRider

    The modesty factor explained in these photos is something needed in today’s world.

    If a woman leaves a clothing article on, there is always the desire from a man to see more but if there is nothing to feed the imagination, the thrill soon fades.

  11. aitrea

    honestly, I think most would agree that crying or any other display of private emotions in public is more than just rude, it shows a lack of education (immaturity and zero class).

  12. Ohma


    People on the internet suck. Sad but true as far as I can tell.

    Seriously, how can anyone can read all but a precious few words of this advice as not archaic hegemonic bullshit propagated by old white men who wanted to not have to interact with women outside the context of sex having is beyond me. *All* of it is some variation of “women should be seen and not heard”.

  13. Thorby

    Sure, when men dance all they want to do is dance…..why do you think numerous religious sects ban dancing?

  14. maru

    it’s ridiculous to suggest that there are only two modes for a woman to behave with a man… to act like a ‘lady’ – aka, wear make-up, be mysterious which is pretty much code for ‘don’t show who you really are’. and to be so relaxed you share all your personal intimate information with someone, such as the last time you had a shit.
    the real world doesn’t work like that…
    the level of intimacy you display to someone is variable on a thousand different things
    not to mention them!
    just be yourself and aim to have a fun time. everything else is silly.

  15. Taylor

    I’m having a good laugh at the people who are wigging out over the idea that these tips still apply. I’d like to see somebody, male or female, go on a first date, get really drunk, flirt with a bunch of different people, and then wonder why their date didn’t call them back. :P

    Gee, maybe the reason that these tips are directed only at women is because it was published in a women’s magazine, so of course men aren’t going to be reading it. You think there weren’t guidelines for men’s behavior, too?

    Anyway, yes, if you think about it, most of these tips still apply. The only one that confused my modern-day sensibilities was “don’t be too familiar,” but I realized that if you turn it around and apply it to men then then I don’t think anybody would disagree. It’s basically just “keep your hands off if your date isn’t comfortable with that level of affection.”

    Oh, and the one about dancing was weird, too, but you have to keep in mind that people nowadays and people back then went out dancing for different reasons.

    • Christine

      I agree with you! I love how the pictures are so overly exaggerated. Oh, that is very insightful, yes, of course it is for women only, it was published in a women’s magazine. And yes, hands off… very weird to be in someone’s personal space before you know them.

      I don’t think this is archaic, on the contrary, this is the start of self help relationship books and tips for women, empowering them to get a man (that they presumably want).

    • Susan

      Good catch! I didn’t even think about the “women’s magazine” part. I’m sure in those days there were plenty of “tips for single men” – shave & shower, don’t comb your hair in the mirror while you’re driving, be attentive & polite to your date… And yes, I will add my voice to those saying that most of these are simply good manners & common sense.

    • Lillyblack82888

      Taylor I completely agree with you. And I’m 23, so I’m not archaic. :) I think the problem is that people are reading these tips with the preconceived notion that they are outdated because of the way it is written and the 50′s pictures, and because they feel that it’s not fair for women to have to be like this but men don’t. In reality, men were very courteous back then, and treated women with respect and romance. I wish a little more of that courtesy would come back…

      There are some things that are just plain courteous. While many women don’t like the opening of doors anymore, as long as people are not ridiculous about it, I like it when someone, anyone, takes the time to show me courtesy by not slamming a door in my face. That’s not just a man thing anymore; it’s simple courtesy.

      Try reversing these tips and applying them to men. Would you go on a second date with a guy who adjusted his underwear in front of you, or got really drunk, or picked his teeth, or acted bored and uninterested in a subject that meant a lot to you? Wouldn’t you like a guy to respect you enough to not touch you a lot on your first date if you weren’t comfortable with it? What about a guy who started crying when his ex’s favorite song came on the radio? What if he was checking out other girls while on a date with you?

      Most of you women would run, am I right? These things aren’t archaic when you apply it to our modern society; just update them a little! :)

      Instead of don’t show emotion, change that to: “Don’t burst into tears when your ex’s song plays.” Common sense, right? With the garter, “Don’t fix your bra and complain about bra sizes and underwires in front of him.” For some people this might work, but it will turn off a lot of guys. What guy wants to hear about underwires? Your boobs maybe, but not underwires. Would you want him to talk about jock straps or his genital itch? Probably not while eating… again maybe it works for you, but not for the general population. ;)

      These are general tips, just like the tips you find in today’s magazines. I’m sure you don’t agree with everything you read in today’s magazines. Yesterday’s magazines were no different. You may be dating a guy who appreciates the opposite of these tips; good for you. But for most people, the “spirit of the rule” still applies today. Not in the exact wording necessarily, but in the spirit of common courtesy and respect for someone you have never gone out with before.

      As for the conversation tips, simply think of it this way: “Talk about things that you think you’re both interested in. Avoid hogging the conversation with things you like but not things he likes.” That’s something everyone should do, not just women on first dates. :)make more sense?

      Take these rules, add your own spin to them, dress up in your signature style, and I’ll bet you will impress a lot of guys; not because you’re a simpleton and don’t have your own mind, but because you respect him enough to be courteous. Some girls think that they are being independent, but what they are really doing is being rude by not considering someone else’s feelings. Guys do the same thing.

      Let’s all be a bit more courteous :)

      • Mark

        “In reality, men were very courteous back then, and treated women with respect and romance.” Um, maybe in movies but not in real life. And women had fewer options when their husband beat them or cheated on them.

  16. H. Bigend

    Wow. What an interesting read – both the images and the comments.

    No wonder the world today looks like what it looks like, if way into this 21st century so many people – both male and female, as it seems – still take no offense at the mindset expressed in those images.

    Being a male basically attracted to the female sex, I can only deeply resent the idea of ever getting together with any female who would care for those ‘guidelines’ more than by laughing out loud.

    Even where what one might call ‘manners’ might still be sensible today – they cannot substitute what is important in a person, which are things like intelligence, empathy, humour, in one word: personality.

    But perhaps some men still don’t like personality in women. And some women still cater to the preferences of such men. Sad…

    • rutu

      Totally agreed.. It seems silly not opening your mouth when you feel bored.. Hell I am taking her on a date not on a public lecture or something…

    • Sara

      Seriously. I agree with you one million percent, while being generally kind and polite is fine – and I don’t actually wear make up 99% of the time (is that okay with the original article writer do you think?) – some of this is ridiculous. Being a fun date is much more than manners – and as someone who dated a lot before my marriage I managed to get asked back out by many men while breaking nearly every one of these rules – because I’m a person, I’m interesting, and I’ll do what I please while being considerate. If the guy I’m with has a problem with me, it’s him that has the problem – not me – not everyone is a match. (Allowing for the fact we can all improve ourselves – and constructive criticism should be considered and acted upon if necessary) Considering how awesome my husband is, I’ll assume my system works.

    • Hanna

      Thank you! Couldn’t have said it better myself. From some of the comments on here , I thought we were STILL in 1950.

  17. pat

    I cant believe this response…..Im 65 and thought womens lib had come a lomg way…why did we burn our bra’s and fight so hard for equality?

  18. Abbadon

    ///Do not mistake my post as a deliberate offense. If you ARE offended, think about what your feelings implicate.///
    I’m a supporter of absolute equality. I applaud all that feminists achieved.
    Now, let me recap what exactly feminists achieved.

    You can not expect unwarranted courtesy or respect. You have to earn it just like males.
    You can not expect defense from physical or verbal assault without explicitly asking. Anyone who can’t defend oneself is inferior.
    You can not expect anyone to care for your gender-based physiological issues. Yes, certain hormone-based misbehaviors or diminished working ability gets (at least should get) you fired.
    You can not expect any gender-based monetary support. You want your own money, you earn it – if you can’t make enough while raising children, too bad, don’t have children.

    You know what, this isn’t exactly a satisfying life for lots of women. So here’s the deal, feminists – do what you want, and let others do what they want. Don’t act like the USSR, “liberating” countries which didn’t want to be “liberated”. Post your PERSONAL opinions, sure, but do not word them as absolute truth, because no one is absolutely correct in any issue concerning the whole population. Ever. Including me.
    ///Do not mistake my post as a deliberate offense. If you ARE offended, think about what your feelings implicate.///

    • Susan

      The idea of someone being unable to defend oneself being “inferior” is a horrible comment – unless you mean in the cold, factual, law-of-the-jungle way. In which case, I will point out that we are, or should be, too civilized to judge in those terms.

      But I do find it interesting that you can label people as inferior, & then get upset that feminists – male or female – want to have women be not inferior – & by your terms.

    • Old Fashioned woman

      Bless you Abbadon.

      I understand equality in the work place. I agree with equal rights.

      But women really did themselves a disservice. I know, I would prefer a somewhat less liberated world for sure.

      I dont think that eliminating ‘genders’ is such a great thing. I like being a woman and all that it used to stand for. Women used to be respected. Men and women used to know how to behave. And how to treat each other.

      This article is actually still fairly viable. Women and women alike were taught manners and how to be well behaved. We were better for it.

      People now act like thugs and deliquents. You go out for a meal and no one holds the door, or says thank you when you do hold it for them. People scream into their phones. And no one knows how to dress anymore.

      • Rebecca

        Please read my post below… feminism is not about eradicating the differences between the genders. I’m as girly as all get out, I wear dresses and curl my hair, I like it when my beau brings me flowers or opens doors for me, and I am still a feminist. I expect to be “treated like a lady,” but I also expect to not be looked down on or treated as inferior… that really is what feminism is about. Those two things are not at all contradictory or mutually exclusive. :)

      • Bea

        I always hold doors open and dress modestly. I was brought up with manners but it is true that this sort of behavior is less and less.

    • Rebecca

      // I am not offended, primarily because you simply sound misinformed and miseducated about this matter. My response is to provide you and anyone else reading this with an alternative way of looking at things. //

      Your interpretation of feminism is extremely black and white, and from the point of view of someone who really doesn’t understand the values behind it. Feminism is not about women being the SAME as men, it is about women being EQUAL to men. Men and women are biologically, physiologically, and in some ways psychologically different… feminism isn’t denying that.

      My response to your post point by point:

      “You can not expect unwarranted courtesy or respect. You have to earn it just like males.” Everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect, both men and women, until they prove that they DON’T deserve it. That is called manners and consideration for other human beings.

      “You can not expect defense from physical or verbal assault without explicitly asking. Anyone who can’t defend oneself is inferior.”
      NOBODY should have to explicitly state that they do not want to be physically or verbally assaulted… that goes without saying. I mean my goodness, we’re not in the jungle. And assault is illegal for goodness’ sake.

      “You can not expect anyone to care for your gender-based physiological issues. Yes, certain hormone-based misbehaviors or diminished working ability gets (at least should get) you fired.”
      Um. Obviously. The same goes for men. If you have erectile disfunction, for example, your physical and psychological distress should not have any effect on your performance at work. Women are not the only gender with gender specific “physiological issues.” What ADULT woman in this day and age asks for special treatment at work when she is PMSing? The answer is none.

      “You can not expect any gender-based monetary support. You want your own money, you earn it – if you can’t make enough while raising children, too bad, don’t have children.”
      If a man wants to support his wife and family financially, without his partner’s help, that is his decision. A woman cannot FORCE a man to support her… that decision takes two people. Being a parent is not gender based, and there are certainly stay-at-home dads these days, and that will continue to become more common as time goes on. The way that bills are paid and a family is supported is a decision that couples make together, and has nothing to do with feminism at all, actually.

  19. Jmo

    Let’s hear it for awkward, inappropriate women who drink too much on dates! I would be so very lonely without them! Hooray!

  20. Aon

    Wow, really, Abbadon?

    “Anyone who can’t defend oneself is inferior.” If a 19 yr old woman knocked out a sick, old man would she be “superior”? If my husband were 6’4″, 250 lbs compared to my 5’2″ 110 lbs I’m inferior? What if someone had two broken arms? Does their superiority temporally decline? That’s just silly. Physical inferiority shouldn’t be an indicator of someone’s overall worth. We should live in a society where people respect each other, and can handle their issues without resorting to physical violence. I don’t deserve to be dominated just because I’m genetically built smaller.

    “Don’t have children.” It takes both a man and a woman to make a child. Therefore, both parties should be equally responsible for the care and health of that child. If a man doesn’t want any part of raising the child, he should at least help with the costs. Assuming that a woman should have sole responsibility simply because she carried the child is ridiculous.

    I do see the overall point you’re trying to make. I don’t expect special treatment because of my gender. But I also don’t think I should have to put up with your lame drivel because of it, either.

  21. Summer

    @Abbadon: “You can not expect anyone to care for your gender-based physiological issues. Yes, certain hormone-based misbehaviors or diminished working ability gets (at least should get) you fired.”


    I have endometriosis, an extremely painful, chronic, incurable disease involving the reproductive organs. It has limited some of what I can do at work, but here’s the thing: people with physical disabilities, regardless of their origin, are protected by law. As long as you can still perform your job with reasonable accomodations for your condition, you can’t just be fired. Same goes for a man with “gender-based physiological issues” like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or urethral problems.

    The difference today is that women’s health issues are taken more seriously, not dismissed as psychosomatic or “normal.”

  22. Heather

    I’ve done these to get rid of persistent men I wasn’t interested in ;)

    Sometimes they’re the only things that CAN

  23. Gentleman

    Hey femnist. Quit wasting time on the computer and get me that sandwich I asked for!

    • Chaka

      “Gentleman” is a little teenager..surely not a grown man with any sense. And no one is gonna bring you a sandwich, except maybe your Mummy.

  24. Ohma

    Oh yay looks like we’re right on schedule here, I think the next bit is either a string of worthless ‘hur hur I’m just saying what [s]everyone’s[/s] *I’m* thinking’ bullshit or some laughable even by eighteenth century standards talk about how men and women are so the teh differents what with all our uh…things that crappy stand up comics in the 80s said.

    i think my favorite is the one about how men and women are different because sexual dimorphism in animals tends to actually favor women
    not the other way around like most internet peeps seem to think
    it’s just that you wouldn’t really know it from looking at huamns because uh
    we’re all pretty fucking similar
    less genetic diversity between any given person than there is between bananas

  25. Vavoom

    We still get these kin of articles, except now Cosmo offers you “38 Tips to Pleasure Your Man.”

  26. Moominmamma

    It looks like a photo montage of my first dates with my now husband of 8 years…they have to love you for who you are.

  27. Jolene

    Is this for real? Are people really getting their panties in a wad over this post? If I’m not mistaken, this website (Retronaut), is about all things related to the past; clothing, families, geography, and lots of other cool things…..related to THE PAST. Should I remind everyone of the title of this post?


    I didn’t see where it said ‘And 2012′. This was a peek at history. I wasn’t a single gal back then so this was fun to read. If you’re someone who still believes in following these suggestions: great! If you’re someone who does not: great! Why do people feel the need to blab about feminism and other unrelated nonsense. Calm down, bra-burners.

    It was just for fun. A relic of “the old days”.

    Keyword being: PAST. Now quit crying.

    • Bea

      Very funny! … although, you sometimes referred to ‘him’ as ‘husband’ but the title is tips for single women.

  28. LadySpaceman

    Can anyone who makes the argument that these same types of tips were given in men’s magazines please post some links. I’ve never seen any of these types of articles posted about rules for men.

  29. anonmint

    The only rule should be that suits need to come back as a mandatory fashion statement, we’ve become too cavalier in our fashion choices.

  30. eydie

    i love the last picture. the woman looks dead. no doubt she simply died of boredom of putting up with these idiot rules.

  31. Daniel

    What about the last photo, with not explanation?? “Do not get drunk in your first date”??

  32. Johnny G

    This list is ridiculous. They obviously never envisioned mirrors on passenger side flip-down visors. How old fashioned!

  33. Wenchie

    Revised version for the current day:

    (for women)
    1. Be ready by the time he picks you up.

    2. Turn your mobile on silent, ignore calls from girlfriends to have a bitch and gossip, only use mobile if you need to call the emergency numbers.

    3. Men don’t care about what brand you are wearing as long as you look nice, and find the details boring, also they don’t know what mauve is, and never will (they see in 16 colours like a very old computer).

    4. Dont get Sh*tF*ced, get merry instead, nobody likes a puker that talks crap, and besides you may need to be sober enough to escape should the bloke turn out to be a perv (also for this reason don’t wear stiletto heels).

    (for men)

    1. Turn up when you say you will.

    2. She doesn’t give a sh*t what app you have and is even less impressed if it makes fart noises. Grow up, put the gadgets away and actually have a conversation.

    3. Anything you wear is fine, but if it’s not a suit atleast meet the minimum standard of jeans and shirt and shoes (not trainers) and definately don’t wear anything that makes you look like Worzel Gummidge.

    4. No spitting, chewing with your mouth open, getting ridiculously drunk that you stop to take a piss/throw up on your own shoes and/or doorstep, and definitely try to be discreet about farting and picking your nose if you absolutely cannot avoid it.

    (both sexes)

    1. Respect one another’s time, and effort.

    2. If you don’t want to pay the whole bill then split it, don’t just expect the other party to give you a free ride, because you will look like a tight arse scrounger.

    3. If the above isn’t enough then you can Take it or leave it, plenty more fish and who cares.

  34. Adam

    Sorry ladies, but when a man wants to dance, he just wants to dance!

  35. Susanna

    This picture and the advice are too cute. : )
    I am surprised to see so much controversy about something this harmless.
    People in the fifties were already confused about how to behave in public, because a lot was already changing in society.
    I recently read a “serious” article about facebook etiquette and I bet that in 50 years or so all the advice will seem silly or even preposterous. But then we will all be very well versed in social media etiquette.
    These tips are emblematic. And the pictures are just priceless.
    : )

  36. Norm Breyfogle

    When a man wants to dance, he’s not a real man.

    Kidding! lol

    Actually, when a man says he wants to dance, he really just wants sex.

  37. DeeAshley

    The advise is sound, and good manners are timeless, but I’d definitely be interested to see the article from BOTH gender perspectives! Either way, the gist of the article applies to male and female (excluding perhaps, the lipstick and stockings) genders!

  38. John Coute

    Here’s a dating tip for today.

    Ladies if your man describes his job as being “in transition”…

    transition your valuables to the nearest safe deposit box. : ]

  39. BPage

    What a great read and images, oh and especially the comments! Thanks Jolene, Taylor, Lillyblack8288 and Susanna for seeing it the way it was. John Coute, I couldn’t help but giggle. Gotta love humour and have fun! By the way my man loves to open the door and loves it when Im a lady… and so do I, especially when I need his assistance with my garter.

  40. MLE

    I think that the ideas behind most of these are still applicable. What bothered me the first time reading it was the tone it has of “women shouldn’t do this or that for the sole reason that men don’t like it.” I agree that a lot of it is common courtesy that should be followed by everyone, not just women, but to me, it also seems like it’s telling women to cater to men just because they are men. For example, the seventh one doesn’t say “Don’t touch him if he’s not comfortable with it,” it says “Don’t touch him because it embarrasses him.” Intention is important here. If I follow these rules, am I doing it out of a genuine desire to be courteous (and expect the same courtesy in return), or am I following them because this is how I feel socially obligated to behave around men?

  41. Kit

    All fine, well, and good as long as men receive a similar list for how to act with THEIR dates! For instance, if I’m expected to not fiddle with my undergarments in public, is it too much to ask that the guys not “adjust” themselves every 5 seconds? :)

  42. Mr. Right (Maximilian)

    I was just reading some of these images and I have to agree, being a multi-millionaire I would not like to see my date wipe her make up on my handkerchief or even fuddle with her make-up in front of me.

    The whole being friendly with other guys would also be a date killer as this leads me to believe my date is not polite and that there could have been something going on between them, which is a big no-no for me on a date.

  43. Dusanka Stojakovic

    Hilarious! Men deserve, desire your whole attention?

  44. Bill

    I dunno…the first picture and last picture always made a girl more popular with me.

    Just sayin’….

  45. WS

    Dear “Abbadon”,

    Enjoy living in the dark ages. I hear someone just invented fire.

  46. Mina Vladimir

    These tips are offensive for men. They represent men as difficult to please, moody, helpless, high maintenance creature.
    I am sure men can take care of themselves and do not require so much assistance from women. At least the men I know…

  47. Helen

    I find it interesting that most of the women on here agree with these rules, and most of the men do not. Hate to say it, but the men today don’t honor women, and would not appreciate this information. A little restraint and decorum shows respect between the sexes, and acknowledgment that the woman is a lady and worthy of a certain measure of regard. Men, take notice!

  48. Chumly

    Women’s magazines are still full of advice on how to please a man. And women still buy these magazines by the truckload. This sort of thing might offend a few hairy-pitted feminists, but it isn’t going away any time soon.

  49. Avatar of lagunacat

    Yes this memo is archaic and should just be laughed at. Can you imagine what this memo would have looked like 700 years ago and in a different culture. Hell these days in many cultures women are dealing with much more archaic dating rituals. Sad reality. There is a comment in this memo about women can use the mirror in their own car while in 2014 Saudi women are banned from having a driver’s license. Men are still oppressors, just to different degrees, depending on cultures, countries, education, State, age, etc.

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  50. nolovelost

    Maybe it was the way I was raised or the fact I’m from the South but these dating tips don’t seem that archaic to me. I was raised to sit up straight,not chew with my mouth open, never make anyone wait and several other of these common courtesy tips here. Maybe some women & men find these silly but I think it’s just respectful and to not do these things would be me not being myself.


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