1928: The Ideal Screen Type

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  1. Matt

    Remember the famed measurements of “Brickhouse” : 36-24-36. Even in the 70′s and 80′s, in funk culture (!), where they appreciated the fuller figured lady, they wanted a thinner waste. Go figure.

  2. L

    I’m confused by the shoe size. A 3A? I wear an 11. My poor grandma came of age in the 1920s and also wore an 11. I’m sure she had an even harder time than I do finding shoes.

  3. Loonytick

    Arms and thighs the same size around? Surely if they’d measured both on the same woman it wouldn’t have come out that way.

    • Rachel

      I’m sure they mean the arm is 18 inches long, but I don’t know why they’re measuring the length of the arm and the circumference of everything else.

  4. Doggist

    I’m thinking shoe sizes, like clothing sizes, have changed over the years. Because I remember reading a book as a child where the writer talks about her mother being a ‘perfect sample size 3B’. I believe samples now are 7…which would make more sense on a 5’4″ tall woman.
    Though realistically, the measurements (33-26-36) are actually sort of normal? Or maybe I’m just putting a positive spin on it as I too am pear shaped this way!

  5. missy

    I read that women now tend to have narrower hips because they are often involved in intense physical exercise during their growing years and this changes their hormone levels. You really don’t see many girls with curvy hips any more-they carry weight in their upper bodies, like men.
    Perhaps wearing athletic shoes during our childhood and teenage years also makes our feet spread. Our grandmothers wore much more form-fitting shoes and maybe that’s why their feet are so small and narrow. If you look at vintage shoes on ebay, the sizes aren’t really different, but they are much narrower.

  6. tish

    actually, the proportions and weight seem kind of normal for a woman in her early to mid 20′s–maybe a little beyond, but certainly not someone over 35. It’s certainly more normal than today, when a 5ft 4inch actress has to weigh something like 110lbs or less. scary! And the narrow hip thing came into vogue in the 1980′s and hasn’t seemed to have left–although very broad shoulders have (thank goodness! it takes a whole lot of weight training to get and keep big shoulders.)

  7. Mitz

    And EYES…make sure she has eyes! I’m just so tired of seeing all these actresses strutting around with no eyes!


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