1950s: ‘Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane’ Comic Covers

Images from Cover Art via Gamma Squad

Source: Cover Art

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  1. Richard Wills

    WOW!!! I thought that Alexandra Erin’s “Star Harbor” and the fanfics on Literotica, achieved new levels of absurdity and re-imagineering. But this set of Lois Lane comics proves that the old writers could be as clever and snarky and obscene as today’s authors!

  2. Phil

    Many of these stories were done backwards. Editor Mort Wiesenger would have the covers drawn first then give it to the writer to do the story. There’s something to be said for that. Also you many notice one thing silver age comics do that modern comics don’t. They capture your imagination quickly. The bright primary colors and clearly drawn characters let you see what the story is about without having to read the words.


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