1937: Miniature Camera

Made for Compass Cameras, London by Jaeger LeCoultre, Switzerland.

“Compass: the embodiment of scientific system in miniature cameras. Built like a watch – as simple to use.”

- Advertisement, 1938

Source: Unknown
Submitted by: Submin

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  1. Rick

    Just shared it on G+. Seriously…this is about the coolest thing I’ve seen on Retronaut. Nice find.

  2. johnnyzero

    This a nice piece of kit! It would be nice to be able to guage its scale, though. How small actaully is it?

  3. qka

    What kind of film did it use? With the ground-glass viewfinder, I am guessing some sort of single shot film cartridge/holder. Not any room for a roll it seems.

    • Suss Cam

      “Special 8-exposure films were available, and later also an 828 roll film back, made by T. A. Cubitt.”

  4. jsb

    Selling on ebay for $2,500 if you absolutely must have it. Just search “Compass Camera”.


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