1968: May Protest, Paris by Göksin Sipahioglu

“The May 1968 protest refers to a particular period in French history. It was historically significant for being the first wildcat strike ever, and for being the largest general strike ever, bringing the economy of an advanced industrial country to a virtual standstill. It commenced with a series of student occupation protests. The strike involved eleven million workers for a continuous two weeks, and its impact was such that it almost caused the collapse of President Charles de Gaulle’s government.”

- Wikiped

All pictures by Göksin Sipahioglu

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  1. SwissMister122

    A dinner in Paris about 20 years ago with the CGT trade unionist uncle of a good friend. I asked him to describe a cut of meat on the menu called a “Pavé”…his response: “c’est ce qu’on jette à la CRS”


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