Summer, 1976: London


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  1. Calum

    Wow, and I thought London looked horrible *now*. Seemed to be trying to look like New York in those days.

    • Matthew

      “Seemed to be trying to look like New York in those days.”

      I can only laugh at this….

  2. Gail

    @Calum Are you serious? London was there long before New York! Read up on your history!

  3. dcanmore

    Pic 16… and The Socialist Party are still resident at 52 Clapham High Street!
    Pic 3… great shot of two elderly gents making a bee-line for Clockwork Nympho at the Eros Cinema! Now a GAP store.

    Great pictures of a grimy run-down London.

  4. Gary

    London in the 70′s was a wonderful city to grow up in. Full of interesting places and fascinating people.It had it’s dirt and grime as every city does BUT also some of the most beautiful parks,gardens and buildings in the world,still does….In many ways London lost a lot of it’s character by the mid 80′s and those of us who were lucky enough to have been around prior to that will always say There was and i guess still is no place like London.

  5. Roger

    Wow! How the population mix has changed since then! It looks nicer then…

  6. eydie

    the whole time i was looking at these fabulous pictures, i was thinking that they couldn’t even fathom the idea that one day a woman in springfield missouri in the united states would be lying on her bed, looking at them on a computer. weird. and it also makes me wonder if someone will be doing the same to me one day on some super computer or machine we aren’t even aware of now.

  7. ian

    Great! Bags of character – a sadly missed alternative to the safe, corporate, over-designed, bland identikit consumerised city of today.

  8. prufrock

    My first night in London I found the Notting Hill Festival while trying to get lost. I went back to the hotel to tell my fellow ‘Murican students what a cool thing I found and by the time we got back out there the thing had pretty much been played out, either by the cops or by sheer exhaustion… I don’t know. But it was August of ’76, and it was swell.

  9. David

    Seems incredible that a sex cinema could have stood at such a prominent position as the Eros- right at the end of Regent Street! However I first went to New York in 1974 and Times Square in those days was pretty squalid too…
    1976 was the year of the longest, hottest summer of my life- note the dust bowl of Hyde Park in picture #8. London was unbelievably hot and humid for months and air conditioning was totally unknown. My father went to work in short sleeves and no tie- unthinkable!
    The last picture shows Her Majesty’s Theatre; seems extraordinary that something other than Phantom of the Opera is playing…


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