1912: Interiors of the Titanic

2nd Class Smoking Room

B-59 Stateroom

Grand Staircase


Palm Court


Reading Room

Reception Room


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  1. Miss Azura

    Lovely interiors, and what an odd mixture of styles, French Louis XVIth and Baroque! There is a house in Poole, Dorset (UK), that contains some almost complete interiors from the Titanic’s identical sister ship, the Olympic.

  2. Ken Sweeney

    Hello Miss Azure. I really am interested about this house you mention in Poole. Is it open for visits and do you know the address please. Ken.

  3. Alan Johnson

    What a fantastic ship this was, what a shame it came to such a sad end and took all those lives with it and what about the 5 men in the band playing right to the end brilliant.

  4. Chad

    Anyone else notice how short those people were?

    The pillow seems to be almost half as big as the bed. lol


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