1912: Interiors of the Titanic

2nd Class Smoking Room

B-59 Stateroom

Grand Staircase


Palm Court


Reading Room

Reception Room


Via Mr. Ed

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  1. Miss Azura

    Lovely interiors, and what an odd mixture of styles, French Louis XVIth and Baroque! There is a house in Poole, Dorset (UK), that contains some almost complete interiors from the Titanic’s identical sister ship, the Olympic.

  2. Ken Sweeney

    Hello Miss Azure. I really am interested about this house you mention in Poole. Is it open for visits and do you know the address please. Ken.

  3. Alan Johnson

    What a fantastic ship this was, what a shame it came to such a sad end and took all those lives with it and what about the 5 men in the band playing right to the end brilliant.


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