1800s: Woman with cups and saucers on chest

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  1. Joerg Starkmuth

    Where do you see nudity in this picture? Even if the upper parts of the breasts were bare (which they are not, as far as I can see), this would not fall under today’s definition of nudity.

  2. Nerdessence

    Wow. If I tried that, everything would end up on the floor. *laughs*

    In fact, one time, I was having a root canal, reclining in the dentist chair, and the woman used my chest to set her tray on. >.> I looked at her and she grew flustered.

    So I’m kind of this woman’s antithesis.

  3. Nil Zed

    Look’s like a freak show portrait advertisement. Woman couldn’t even get hired today, any trip to the grocery will show you MEN with enough boobs for teacup display, and both women and men who could put whole placesettings across their chest.

  4. Stefanie

    do you mean nudity for standards at the time? because that’s all i can think of…

    i wish my bosoms could hold a cup. i enjoyed having a personal table when i was pregnant with my son, and i miss it now.

  5. Michael

    If it was taken today, she would be completely bare-chested and have pints of beer instead…….


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