1976-1982: Tokyo Subway Manner Posters

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  1. qka

    Using John Wayne to ask riders in 1982 not to smoke on the platform and train is a strange choice, as he died in 1979 of cancer that may have been caused in part by his six pack a day smoking habit.

  2. sailordude

    Thats a very very nice campaign the Japanese did, thank you for posting them all and translating them for us! I never saw those before, and I rode the trains there once in the 80′s, but it was very crowded and I was overwhelmed with all the people anyway.

  3. cage.M

    That’s very interesting! Thank you for sharing.
    There is huge humour and ironic expression.Love it.
    Especially Doraemon series :-) Its like painting!!!!

  4. L Vause

    I love the idea of Superman vanquished by discarded gum (kryptonite flavour?). Also, Jesus and pals non-plussed by sheer number of lost umbrellas. Marvelous.


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