1929: The Bennie Railplane

‘The Bennie Railplane was a form of rail transport invented by George Bennie (1891–1957), which moved along an overhead rail by way of propellers. It was intended to run above conventional railways, separating faster passenger traffic from slower freight traffic. A prototype ran over a 130-yard (120 m) line at Milngavie near Glasgow in the 1930s, but Bennie was never able to secure funding for further development and went bankrupt in 1937. The line was demolished for scrap in the 1950s.’
- Wikipedia

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  1. Norry Wilson

    I own, and use daily, a stainless steel, unspillable ashtray designed by Bennie, I believe it was designed for use on ocean liners. The only other one I’ve seen is in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum.

  2. John

    I wonder if anyone saved the scale model… what I wouldn’t give to have that.

  3. Ben

    The amount of steel to hold up one foot of this track could be used to lay over 100 feet of track side by side with the existing track. This may be a fancy but it is in no way economical.


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