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  1. jvon

    Yeah, screw that. I’m guessing they used a light powder load at least judging by the fact that guy isn’t doubled over in pain.

  2. Neil Roberts

    He was lucky the first two times. The guy in the second picture looks like he’s going for a head shot next.

    • OT

      The barrel is pointed upwards because of “muzzle flip” caused by recoil, immediately after the shot. This would also indicate that a standard powder charge was used.

      A typical 1920′s revolver load fired a soft lead bullet at a subsonic velocity. While lethal in normal conditions, a relatively thin steel plate would stop it. Some cotton padding would reduce the impact transferred through the plate.

  3. John Simpson

    Also nice is the film footage of the woman holding up a sheet of bullet-proof glass in front of her face while her husband shoots a gun directly at her head.


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