1950s-1960s: “Rebel Youth” by Karlheinz Weinberger

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  1. Jmo

    Wow. This reminds me of some of the homemade “punk” gear my friends and I would come up with, growing up in a little town. No codpiece belt buckles, but lots of stuff with dog chains, magic markered clothes, army surplus belts and boots, toothpaste in our hair to make it spikey. It’s embarassing to remember, of course, but there’s also some pride mixed in. We did it ourselves, there were no Hot Toic stores or whatever to go to. And it’s not like the “normal” kids yelling insults at us from their Firebirds or whatever didn’t also, you know, look like morons.

  2. Mike

    The guy using nuts and long bolts to close his fly — I hope he didn’t have to go in a big hurry.

  3. Pinke

    Wow, some of these photos look like they could have taken in the 80′s. Very cool!

  4. eydie

    the girls look awesome. the guys–i’m just wondering how they manage trips to the bathroom.

  5. LauraJ

    The girl in pic #19 looks like a modern hipster almost. Note the ‘skinny’ jeans =)

  6. Tattooedluvbeast

    And as an 80′s punk rocker I was f**ked with as soon as I had the hair spiked, but then later, the top 40 had enlisted such “punk” music such as, Go-gos, The police. And now there is a rum TV ad that has The Misfits in the background. And don’t get me started about the best song Iggy ever did being used as a cruise ship ad!

  7. kerry

    Some of the denim is neat,but I hate the ugly belts and jewellery.The guy with the purple scarf,screams “jean queen”

  8. TR

    Codpieces? I was thinking wrestling belts. But codpieces is far funnier.

    Some things never seem to change. Black hair, chains, ripped up jeans. Seems so status quo…

  9. SuzannaBanana

    Bizarre Elvis belts! Like shields almost. And the fly zippers all tied up or bolted together? This would have been around the time 1950′s that Teddy Boys and girls were the thing in the UK? Strange how youth culture differed from country to country back then. Nowadays with the itnernet it is all one big same thing mix I guess?

  10. Ashley

    That is not cute…what were they thinking. haha. though in years to come people will probably say that bout us.


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