c.1900: Postcards of the year 2000

A Quick Stroll on the Water

The Moving Pavement

House-Moving by Train

Televised Outside Broadcasting

Personal Flying Mchines

Weather Control Machine

Combined Ship and Railway Locomotive

Undersea Tourist Boats

Roofed Cities

Personal Airships

Summer Holidays at the North Pole

Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine

Postcards produced by German chocolate company Hildebrands

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  1. sylvia

    What amusing predictions! Funny how they seemed to think that fashion wouldn’t change at all :D

  2. Cornelia Daniel

    Could please someone invent the water wheel and the ballons for walking on water?? Or even all of that?? I am sure there is a millionaire out there who would finance those ideas just for the sake of it!

  3. Benjamin

    These are great, however the English translations are quite editorial. “Beautiful Weather Machine” is translated as “Weather Control Machine”, “Water Promenade” becomes “A quick stroll on the water” and “North Pole Voyage” becomes “Summer Holiday in the North Pole” to give a few examples. These ornamented interpretations add elements to the historical documents that are not there in the original.

  4. Meaghan Edwards

    Wow, I’d kill for a weather machine, water wheel and personal flying machine. I think I’d leave the moving pavement, though. :P

  5. Joel

    The X-Ray surveillance is pretty close to what we go through at airports these days….

  6. Xye

    Its interesting that lots of these do already exist in a form or other…

    The moving pavement – travelators (and escalators could be aded to that).

    House-moving train – Some simple buildings are moved by truck and trailer (I’ve been stuck behind one).

    Theatre (subtitle Televised Broadcasting) – TV obviously but also National Theatre and Opera Houses also now broadcasting live to cinemas.

    Personal Flying Machines – Microlites and Gliders

    Combined Ship/Rail Locomotive – (I love this one). Not dissimilar to the Channel Tunnel or car ferries.

    UnderSea Tourist Boats – Rover pods can be hired to explore underwater (seen at Florida Keys), also we have glass-bottomed boats below the waterline and underwater bars.

    Police X-Ray Surveillance – CCTV.

    And I don’t think we’re that far off roofed cities if Aberdeen’s recent town-planning is anything to go by.

    Also loving that they didn’t think fashion would change at all. Maybe it made it more appealing or identifiable to keep clothing the same?

  7. Melynda

    We’re not that far from summer holidays at the north pole. Interesting that they had walking on water in there. Not something I ever imagined would be worth the innovation.


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