New York by Saul Leiter

“Saul Leiter (born 1923) is an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940s and 1950s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as The New York School”

- Wikipedia

New York by Saul Leiter New York by Saul LeiterNew York by Saul Leiter

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  1. James

    Don Draper would have loved these, but one of them is repeated (look for 463). Brilliant!

  2. David L Steinhardt

    Beautiful–but that metal pay phone (12th from bottom) is not from the 50s–it’s a 1980s-present NYC subway pay phone. All the rest look absolutely genuine!

  3. Robin Stewart

    truly, truly wonderful shots. What an eye for mood and structure. Particularly No 7. More than good, great.

  4. Si Hope

    Sense of colour and composition – immpecable. Selection of point of focus – sublime.

  5. Rich Parker

    Beautiful images, so considered and amazing use of colour, composition and cropping. The red theme running throughout and mostly reflections or fragments of people – an amazing slant on street photography.

  6. James

    these are nice pictures… but i clicked on the link because i wanted to see pictures of new york from the 50′s, not extremely close up pictures of chipped paint. you can barely even tell that thats new york city.

  7. Diane

    I just discovered this photographer through Tumblr.
    Utterly sublime work.

  8. Rowland Scherman

    Saul Leiter did stuff that anyone could do. Problem was no one had done it. Until Saul. Universally loved at the time, and always great to see again the work of a master.


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