1925-1926: Ku Klux Klan’s Washington Parades

1-16: 8th August 1925
17-23: 13th September 1926

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  1. Louise

    It’s always strange to see these kinds of photos. I guess a modern German might feel the same about seeing pictures of Nazis.

  2. Some Southern Guy

    Correction: Nowadays they hide in plain sight like the average people they are.

    Racists are still with us, and still in DC. They just don’t express themselves the same way. It’s more difficult to identify them when mainstream political parties borrow their talking points with minor adaptations.

  3. teebow

    german nazs was mentioned looking at those photos then then at photos from 10 years also later germany how close did the usa
    get to going down the same path

  4. Pit13

    @ Red Bunny: Spot on! Great catch. I love that movie.

    @ David A.: Also spot on.

    Obviously these marches were conducted with wide support and were very public and out in the open. It is fitting that the White House is featured prominently in some of those photos. President Wilson (the first “progressive” president?) was himself a member of the klan. And the Nazi party did have a fairly large and open following here in the States right before the second world war. As did the communist party in the early ’30′s. These movements where very public and open, which leads me to believe that “vast conspiracies” of any ideology are not what you have to look out for. It’s the movements that are right smack in front of you that you have to watch out for.

  5. STW

    Thanks to the O Brother What Art Thou, I can’t see these photos without hearing the Wicked Witch of the West’s guards sing “OH ee Oh, OOh- oh! “OH ee Oh, e- OOh- oh!” I cannot no longer take them that seriously (at least in this context) -albeit that was probably the Coen’s intentions.

  6. davidabl

    Apples and oranges are different but they’re both fruits….It’s not like we’re comparing grapefuits and golf balls here.

    All should remember that the Klan existed in three different eras-as three very different organizations. Any meaningful comparison with mainstream or near mainstram political
    organizations can only be made with the second Klan Which was a social, political,and electoral movement and not primarily a terrorist organization like the first and third versions of the Klan.

    btw, in the scale of the universe even golfballs and grapefruits are similar because they’re both round, have a similar surface pattern and are within the same order of magnitude :-)

    • dude chill

      Dude, let the guy say what he wants, his facts are right. He didn’t say anything to advocate the KKK, only stated facts!
      This unwillingness to have these conversations and understand the root causes of ignorant organizations like the KKK are the reasons they still exist, and political discussions involving the president always have to degrade to name calling and racial tensions, when in most cases the only objections to Obama are not racial but political.

  7. Alana

    That wash’t even that long ago! How scary!!!! My grandparents were alive when this went on. That guy in the last pic with the smirk on his face gives me the creeps

  8. BillW

    Ah, the great grandparents of today’s GOP/Tea Party faithfuls.
    Happy days are here again.

  9. mcravener

    A news report on the August, 1925 KKK march in Washington, D.C.:
    “The parade itself marshaled ‘from 50,000 to 60,000 white-robed men and women’ as the correspondent of the The New York ‘Times’ estimates, and H.L. Mencken tells us in the New York ‘Sun’:

    The Klan put it all over its enemies. The parade was grander and gaudier, by far than anything the wizards had prophesied. It was longer, it was thicker, it was higher in tone. I stood in front of the treasury for two hours watching the legions pass. They marched in lines of eighteen or twenty, solidly shoulder to shoulder. I retired for refreshment and was gone an hour. When I got back Pennsylvania Avenue was still a mass of white from the Treasury down to the foot of Capitol Hill – a full mile of Klansmen…’”



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