Spring 1965: “Fly”, Harper’s Bazaar

Pictures by Melvin Sokolsky for Harpers Bazaar

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  1. EM

    I am always captivated by the images of Retronaut but I’m always annoyed by the lack of captions, or info about the images. Makes for a disappointment, when I click on the links in hopes for a satisfaction to my curiosity.

    • Avatar of Chris

      Hi Elle – thanks for your comment. I am glad you like the images, and sorry that you find the lack of captions and information annoying.

      We leave usually do leave captions and contexual information out, unless vital, for a number of reasons. The key one is that the images themselves contain huge amounts of information and we want people to focus on that information.

      We try to make the links as helpful as possible. When we began the site, we would link to the parent source, whereas now we always seek to link to the most informative page. We are also very happy indeed to answer any questions about the material.

      Very soon we will be launching a new version of the site. Anyone will be able to make their own time capsules on any subject, and they will also be able to add as much description as they wish to any capsule, and to any individual image. I hope you will like it.



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