Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. tinydog

    Great shot of Hemingway and Dahl — the awkwardness is probably related to the fact that it’s thought that Martha Gellhorn, who was married to Hemingway at the time, had a fling with Dahl.

  2. Mukel Kat

    I am SO jealous of George Lucas. Jim and David are my heroes! That, and his blazillion dollars.

  3. Cheriezel

    the George Lucas, David Bowie, Jim Henson one is not a canidid really but from when they all worked on “Labyrinth” together (Lucas was the producer). I’ve seen this shot for several promotional Labyrinth articles.

  4. Nathan Winkelmann

    no one mentioned that Dustin Hoffman and Lawrence Olivier pic? I thought it was hilarious!


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