1939-1945: Anti-Prostitution Posters

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  1. Ekta

    It is interesting, and shocking, to note that these posters are anti- prostitution not because prostitution is a psychological torture for women but a warning for men to protect themselves from disease that prostitutes might be carrying.

  2. maría

    Shocking? Why? It’s always a two-way thing when two unacquainted people have sex. It’s got its consequences for both parties. That there is prostitution is shocking enough already anyway.

  3. Elisa

    Well, Ekta. You have to remember that women has been pledged guilty for a lot of thing involving the male and female. It isn’t THAT long ago women actually were killed for not giving a man a male heir. Today we know very vell that it’s the male reproductive cells that decides the sex the child will get. Not the females..

  4. sylvia

    What is truly shocking here is that the USA learns about your venereal disease sooner than your wife :D

  5. Wayne

    I think these are more Anti-Veneral Disease posters rather than Anti-Prostitution posters… some of the situations don’t have anything to do with prostitution…

    the message — all directed to US military men, I guess these posters were found on/near US bases in the UK — is you don’t really know the sexual history of anyone in this war-time situation, so take precautions…

    it’s quite possible that some women “dated” many men, possibly at the same time, because the UK had suffered through years of rationing (which would last I think until 1953) and US “boyfriends” could provide goods otherwise unavailable to them… but I doubt anyone involved would consider it prostitution…

  6. Aloyicious

    Oh come on now, haven’t you watched HBO’s “Cathouse”? According to those girls prostitution is the greatest thing that ever happened to them…

  7. Sling Trebuchet

    This is why we need more gay guys in the military.
    The gay guys can fight while the straight guys are in the clinic.

  8. felish

    Sling Trebuchet: i don’t think having more gay guys in the military will help. As a matter of a fact, They have higher chance of contracting diseases like HIV through their sex life. Men just needed to be educated to be more loyal,and respect women. Thats All.

  9. Elle

    “Your sweet heart might not know if you catch a venereal disease”

    Ohhhh, I think she’ll cotton on.

  10. Opusv5

    Cruising bars are probably riskier: people get sloppy with protection when they’re tipsy. And people picked each other up in bars during WWII.

  11. Melynda

    That’s like the ultimate guilt trip. “Hey, guys, the ones you love might never know that you have a VD or that you probably gavei to your wife, but I’LL KNOW FOREVER. <3 Your Country."


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