1903: Finish of the first Tour De France

Finish of the first Tour De France

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  1. John Michna

    Whenever I see historic photos of sports where equipment plays a significant part, I wonder how today’s athletes would fare if they had to compete using their predecessors’ equipment… this photo just brings that thought to mind once again. I understand and appreciate that training is more sophisticated today than in days gone by… but folks back then were also more all-around physically active. Hmmm.

  2. J-dawg

    I agree with the above comment.
    If you look at the bicycles used during the early days of the Tour, you’ll see single speed bicycles. I would LOVE to see some of our modern athletes trying to complete the Tour without their innumerable gears and 2 lbs titanium and carbon fiber bikes… Would anyone even finish the race?

    • Bicycle Bill

      Even better would be to see how some of the iron men from the early days would fare against the current champions if they could somehow be transported to this age and be allowed the use of today’s modern equipment and technologies.


  3. naguere

    In those days, young men could walk on their hands, now only an athlete could do that.

    In those days, a French cyclist may have taken a glass of red wine as a stimulant.

    Eat your heart out Lance !

  4. TheTunaMan009

    Back in the days of this pic, all riders had to also CARRY with them all tools the might need in the course of a day. Not to mention no support cars full of spare bikes or wheels. You have to be of vintage age to remember the days before quick release hubs. Quick release then was a pair of wrenches. Todays riders are very special, but the would not stand a chance against the past greats of cycling. Can anyone say Spoiled Rotten Pampered Specialists! What happened to the great all-around riders of our past. JMHO


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