1899/1900: Antikamnia Chemical Company Calendars

“The Antikamnia (“Opposed to Pain”) Chemical Company produced several calendars illustrated with “Skeleton Sketches”. The limited edition calendars were mailed to physicians.”

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  1. Medicrow

    Stunning group,! that would be incredible to own a set of originals from that date

  2. Sarattus

    These skeletal characters are very reminiscent of Renaissance woodcuts of Death clothed in various costumes escorting various people from this life.

  3. Kaitlyn

    ……..nowadays, I’m not sure a chemical company would want its name associated with images of skeletons…. It would evoke the wrong idea….. ;)

  4. melissa2012

    Seems like the chemical company knew that they were poisoning the common man, and had funny pictures made to laugh at us all, while they killed us slowly with phalates,fomaldehyde and parabens in everyday products.


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