c. late 1800s: Gustav Zander’s Exercise Machines

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  1. Rebecca

    I wish I had some clue about what these are supposed to actually do for you! One looks like a foot massager. Maybe some are for ab strength?

  2. Wincey

    But then there’s that gal in the petticoat with the strap that’s slipped down a bit, and it looks like she might be riding on a saddle of some sort. I do believe she’s taking care of some woman’s “hygiene” issue.

  3. Mark2

    The ‘gal in the petticoat’ is riding sidesaddle on a sort of artificial horse. It is suspended on stiff springs and the idea is to bob up and down on it to simulate real horse riding. They are still sold in a fancier electrical version and although I have ridden horses neither real or artificial I imagine it’s pretty good exercise. Come to think of it it’s probably the only one there that would do any real good.

    I can’t think why she’s in her underwear; could it be a be a ‘cheesecake’ pic?

  4. Doug williams

    Can anyone suggest an exercise equipment provider that sells items such as treadmills, elliptical etc that have either a retro look or an interesting designer look yet still function well. I am also interested in the same answer relative to more basis equipment …..free weights, benches, etc…..

  5. HollyH

    Many of the test subjects were either very brave, or very trusting.

  6. oldguyyoungbody

    J4 looked good. I don’t know about any of the others…

  7. badfish

    I have a exerbike that is very old butdo not know anything about. Maybe someone could tell me. Thanks


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