1939: Shoes by Steven Arpad

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  1. AsMaSc

    Wow, looks like they were ahead of their time a bit, Quite nice! I’d totally wear most of those!

  2. Jinx

    #6 is AMAZING! Some of these I think I’ve seen in stores, and others SHOULD be!

    Interesting Deco influence on a few of these, very neat!

  3. caroline wallenberg

    I appreciate the designs and especially the heights of the heels= not rocket high, just attractive and walkable!

  4. itzel

    This shoes are super similar to modern designs by Jeffrey Campbell, now I know where he got his “inspiration” from.

  5. redwoods

    Very intriguing! Thank you for the brain-food. The sculptural shapes of these are gorgeous.

  6. Linda Nash

    These pictures are amazing. Easy to see where some of the designs have come from these days. Definitely a work of art with some of them and not to be walked in!!

  7. Emma

    I totally agree with the comparison to Jeffrey Campbell! These are so perfect.

  8. Kate

    YSL actually designed a shoe that premiered in Fall 2012 that looks a LOT like #6. Now I see where the inspiration came from.

  9. Darleene

    You can tell that these people lived in an age where it was necessary to actuall “walk”. Fantastic creativity and comfort – who could ask for more. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  10. soraya

    some are so whacky and odd but others are definitely wearable to this day and none are any weirder than what some Rodeo Drive spots offer…. The 6th one down takes the cake for sheer sculpurality!

  11. Holly

    Both 6th and 11th ones down are insanely attractive! I don’t think I’d look at all out of place in Number 11. However, number 12 looks painful and number 17 looks like a pair of shoes my Nan owns!

  12. FYI

    Platform shoes actually came about back when the streets were dirty & full of things you definitely didn’t want your feet touching. Back before all the paved roads and sewer systems. Very interesting!

  13. Jim

    just like todays shoes – some are very attractive and a couple of them are a bit odd.


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