Made by Konrad Seusenhofer,Innsbruck, Austria c. 1511-14.  Part of an armour presented by the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I, to Henry VIII.

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  1. Toria

    More steampunk than steampunk! I wonder if it was ever used in battle? Terrifying!

  2. Martin H

    Such helmets were intended for parade use and possibly for tournaments. It was never ment for actual battle.
    The grotesque armors was propably seen as part of the entertainment back in the day – still are, you might say…

  3. Norry Wilson

    The specs, the profile, even the teeth ans stubble, are all modelled on the real Emperor Maximillian – a bit like today’s kids wearing celebrity masks…

  4. Sarah W

    …and I’ve read somewhere that Emperor Maximilian has a cold at the time this helmet was modelled on him, and If you look closely at his nose in the profile shot… !


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