1930s-2010s: Famous people hanging out

Wilson Pickett and Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles and Mohammed Ali

Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga

Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart

Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel

Nancy Reagan and Mister T

Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas

Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein

Barack Obama and George Clooney

Bob Marley and the Jackson Five

James Dean and Eartha Kitt

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson

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  1. Knux Kitsune

    I’m curious as to what Stephen Fry might’ve said to Lady Gaga.

  2. I

    i love the beatles so much and the face john lennon is making in that picture just makes me happy! :)

  3. Brendan

    I stopped at the Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga photo and wondered what they would be talking about. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  4. lulu

    The Fry Gaga photo was in the Financial Times a couple of saturdays ago – he’s a Little Monster and they covered a few topics. I recommend (unless you don’t like Fry or Gaga).

  5. 3rdeye

    Look at Mr.Ts left leg and foot. This is either p-shopped or something must be *seriously* wrong with his legs …

  6. Quizmasterchris

    The Mr. T-Nancy Reagan photo is real, this was from a “Say No to Drugs” promotion from the ’80s that was a very big deal at the time and not at all an obscure event for Americans of a certain age range.

  7. wurdnurd

    @3rdeye: That’s not pshopped at all! It was part of Nancy’s whole Say No to Drugs campaign in the 1980s. And I’m not even sure what you mean by his left leg. I see nothing wrong there…

  8. Red

    It looks like there is something like a cellphone or pocketknife under that sock.
    *looks again, varying contrast and zooming in*
    definitely an object hidden under his sock.
    besides, bad-photoshop-editing-artifacts look different from this.

  9. Sammy

    Saw that one episode of Martha Stewart with Snoop Dogg. Funny as hell. They were making brownies and Snoop kept asking when he could add the green stuff. Y’all know he wasn’t talking about the green sprinkles they were using on the brownies.

  10. MissAme

    Love the Sanders and Alice Cooper. What could the possibly be talking about? And pretty damn awesome to see Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel hanging out. Very nice :)

  11. Sarah

    You forgot David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Their voices blended beautifully, but Lord, what an odd couple.

  12. mel

    Sanders and Alice Cooper, whose party would have to be to get the 2 of them together??? XD

  13. mtlhed

    So many talented interesting and important people, why is GaGa invited…..

  14. AlgaeGreen

    I think the box Mr. T is holding is casting a shadow on his leg which makes his leg look crooked.

    Great pictures. My favorite is the young Jimi Hendrix with Wilson Pickett.

  15. Jazmin Hernandez

    Wow these pictures made me think a liddo…
    all of then are just triying to have a good time…
    maybe in their head theyr thinking wow.. did i just meet this great person..? (:
    its othing unusual, in my opinion, everybody sould
    react like this towards everyone they meet (:

  16. Dale Wilson

    Cool Pictures, wish I had the one of me and Sam Walton,Jerry Garcia,Benny Hinn, or the Statler Brothers. :) Like I say, These are some Cool Pictures, my fav. is The Kernel and Cooper.

  17. Jo-El

    Agree about Dali & Chanel, Su, really does bring to bear the old adage about youth & beauty….

  18. John Q Public

    Of course it’s Chaplin. He didn’t generally walk about in a natty bowler hat and fake mustache. If anything the pic looks more like an early 80′s Anthony Hopkins, having stepped out of the de Lorean to meet a 40 something Einstein.

  19. Mukel Kat

    Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg is an INSTANT CLASSIC. I love Chaplin and Einstein together, too.

  20. Jmo

    Robert Lipsyte’s memoir The Accidental Sportswriter describes how the Ali/Beatles photo came about. It was before the first Ali/Liston fight, and the Beatles were in Florida, on tour I assume, and looking for a photo op. They went to where Sonny Liston was training first, based on the assumption that he was going to win, but Liston had no interest in being photographed with them, calling them “fags,” as I recall. Then they went to the gym where Ali was training, and he was game.

  21. Jmo

    As quoted from the review in the Nation: “As I climbed the splintery stairs, there was a hubbub behind me. Four little guys around my age in matching white terry-cloth cabana jackets were being herded up. Someone said it was that hot new British rock group on their first American tour….A British photographer traveling with the Beatles had tried to pose them with Sonny Liston, but the champ had refused-”Not with them sissies,” he was supposed to have said-and now they were settling for a photo op with the challenger.”

  22. Mick

    That image of Bob Marley & the Jacksons has always confused me.
    Are they sitting on a bench in a tree? I know it was taken at 56 Hope Rd., Kingston, JA which is now Bob’s Museum. It seems that the weight of all those dudes on a tree branch would surely break.

  23. Brandon Burt

    Am I imagining it, or did Stephen Fry express rather a disinterest in the Lady Gaga phenomenon during an episode of The Graham Norton Show? Perhaps they were discussing that. (N.B. I like Gaga, but I’m definitely on Fry’s side.)

    As for Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap, I remember that horror from the 1980s. She was so stiff and uncomfortable during that publicity event — it was a transparent attempt for the Ice Queen to appear more human.

    The one with Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart is brilliant. He seems so intent on whipping whatever chocolaty substance is in the bowl. I love both of them, but it’s such a bizarre juxtaposition! Stewart seems a bit overawed in her video segment.

  24. Soulphisticated Brotha

    I mean, really, is is that hard people to do a subject/pic search….if you are curious do a simple search.

    Concerning the “Nancy Reagan & Mr. T” pic. (by the way I do understand why some maybe suspicious concerning the other foot, but it isn’t “photoshopped”, clearly it isn’t.). I remember this when I was a kid, how he went to the White House to be Santa. Here’s the story….read and learn> http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/60440

    A friend sent me the link to this sight to check out the Jimi Hendrix & Wilson Pickett, of which he couldn’t believe…his comment was “I didn’t know that Jimi played with other blacks”, I emailed him back…”GTFOOML” (get the fuck outta of my life! truly I have divorced him). Here’s the story/fact about that pic> http://www.flickr.com/photos/bpfallon/4304026975/

    And lastly, that is Charles Chaplin and Albert> http://www.life.com/gallery/22712/image/56461904/charlie-chaplin-friends-and-family#index/5

  25. John R.

    Wilson Pickett and Jimi Hendrix … sigh … what could have been.


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