Construction of the Titanic

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  1. Kay Wöhlert


    can i use the pictures for my new website design. They would be very valuable for me. The page is designed by This is currently empty.

    Best regards

    Kay Wöhlert

  2. Gareth

    @ Kay – I live about 5 mins away from where she was built, i can grab some more recent photos of the H&W docks if you like?

  3. Jack

    I wonder how much it tooked the builders to build such a big ship? Thanks for sharing those amazing and rare photos.

  4. old hippie

    The solo worker standing on the fantail really brings into perspective just how big the ship actually was. The photo of the propeller’s and propeller shaft are a true eye-opener. That was one big ship.

    • Nicola

      Cheap rivets? Still holding the ship together on the sea bed. I think sailing a massive lump of metal at full speed into the equivalent of a concrete building is more likely to be the problem..not sure any rivets could hold up to that.

  5. Brian

    Most of those photos are not of Titanic – but of Olympic, which was the first of a trio built and therefore more important at the time of their building.

    Olympic had completely open Promenades – Titanic’s were partially enclosed.

  6. Ed

    I think the enclosed promenade elements were added after launch, so the photos could be of the Titanic. Wasn’t the Olympic launched in white anyway?

  7. Pierre

    What a marvellous collection of photos ! It’s like we where living in this period. Congratulations for gathering all those pictures.

  8. Jsi

    Great photos – thanks! Btw, on the bow shot the name Titanic is handwritten on the photo. It was not painted on the ship.

  9. Gordon

    As they’re fond of saying in Belfast: “She was alright when she left here!”

  10. tom

    look how ridiculously small the rudder is. no wonder it didn’t turn quickly.


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