c.1900s-1920s: Cocaine Toothache Drops

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  1. Chris

    He also misspells “Canker Sores” as “Canker Sours”(which sounds like a gross tasting candy)

  2. citybold

    My mom took Dexadrine in the ’60s and wished she could still get it until her dying day, this past January.

  3. Janna

    Dexedrine is still available, as a prescription medication, to treat ADHD.

    I’ve taken it (both short-acting and the Spansule), and it worked very well to help my symptoms. It is also an appetite suppressant, as are most stimulant medications.

  4. Alana

    I wonder if 100 years from now, they will be looking back at alcohol ads and laughing at how it was sold over the counter!

  5. Alana

    And P.S, Is it any wonder why the life expectancy of the average person was so much lower than it is today… they were being fed poison thinking they were doing the right thing. Kinda sad really.

    • Frank

      Most of these ads were printed, and their associated products were available, in times *after* life expectancy began to rise.

      The reason for higher life expectancy starting in the late 19th century is primarily due to the medical science which made it possible for babies to be born healthier and live to see their fifth birthday. A small part of this involved the use of drugs which weren’t previously available, many of which are still taken today and are considered quite safe (in appropriate dosage). I think that the people of the time could be forgiven for not being able to tell the difference between these helpful drugs and “poisons”.

  6. Moral Minority

    Dear Alana. Dear child, the day they make alcohol imposible to get would be the day a person would need a bulletproof vest just to step outside into the street. Human beings need something to relax, misplaced idealism notwithstanding. Try reading a history book some time.

    • eydie

      i agree with alana’s idealism. it may not be realistic, but what’s wrong with aspiring to perfection even if it’s unlikely?
      people don’t “need” drugs to relax, and alcohol is a drug, just like heroin, cocaine, nicotine, and caffeine. there are natural ways to relax. take a walk, write, paint, watch tv, listen to music, the list goes on. it is false that you need to put poison in your body to relax.

  7. Brad

    Bring back Asthma Cigarettes!!!

    Of course not recommended for children under 6.

  8. eydie

    i remember my dad buying a cough syrup in the 60′s called “norcough” or possibly “norcoff.” it had codeine and alcohol in it. not sure if it helped your cough or if you just didn’t care if you had a cough. i also saw online not too long ago a picture of a bayer bottle that said “bayer heroin.” it is sad that humans need crutches. i understand the woman who wonders if people will wonder in a 100 years that alcohol ads were around. i don’t agree that people need stimulants or downers of any kind to “relax.” there are natural ways that don’t involve polluting your body.


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