1950s: A corner in Clerkenwell, London

‘When, as a boy, Colin O’Brien lived with his family in the top floor flat of Victoria Dwellings, Clerkenwell, London, a recurring problem caused all the traffic lights at the junction to turn green at once. Colin leant out of the window with his box brownie camera and took these photographs and other scenes from his window’

- Spitalfields Life


Photographs (c)  Colin O’Brien


Thank you to Colin O’Brien, Spitalfields Life and Jimmy Anderson

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  1. Y-fighter

    This is one of my old neighbourhoods and it’s lovely to see. Thank you! We have found some old slides from the 60s from clearing out storage – various locations round the world. Will take a look this weekend and let you know more.

  2. Simon Parry

    Incredible. And amazing to bring the photographer back to the spot.

  3. Chris Wills

    The fire brigade photo is mid 60′s as some of the cars were not in production until 1966. Great photos.

  4. Drew Cain

    Very interesting to see the ever changing Guinness advertising posters.


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