1938-1994: Celebrity Mug Shots

Frank Sinatra - 1938

Billy Holiday - 1947

Steven Tyler - 1967

Jimi Hendrix - 1969

Janis Joplin - 1969

Jane Fonda - 1970

Larry King -1971

Steve McQueen - 1972

Dennis Hopper - 1975

David Bowie - 1976

Jerry Lee Lewis - 1976

Bill Gates - 1977

David Crosby - 1982

Woody Harrelson - 1982

Ozzy Osbourne - 1984

Kurt Cobain - 1986

James Brown - 1988

Anna Nicole Smith - 1989

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  1. cacioman

    Please, may you configure the feeds of your blog in a way that be possible to see your (wonderfull) photos directly in my feed reader (currently I have to access each time in your blog and I am very lazy)? Thanks

  2. Jim

    I’d like to know what Bill Gates did to land in jail at such a young age.

  3. Amy Georgina

    Hahaha, glad someone else asked the Bill Gates question!

    What about Bowie?! How suave does he look.

    My fave has to be Janis Joplin, there’s something in the quality of her shots that has an ethereal beauty.

    • Steve

      *Should HAVE

      Moron. I bet you don’t like Fonda for political reasons, and I bet I know which way you lean.

      • Victor A.

        Steve, even she knows what she did was wrong, ass h-le.
        I love her and think she was very hot back then, but being a entitled little spoiled Brat giving aid and comfort to a enemy during a time of war, mistreatment of her fellow Americans held POW’s, even turning in a note to the North Vietnamese that was passed to her from a prisoner stating they were being tortured, was not right by any definition.
        Your a (allegedly) f-en dumb sh-t pri-k, know nothing piss ant…
        Please grow a brain, or stop the intake of oxygen ..one or another would be great! Have a great day :)

      • Ginjoint

        Victor, for someone who claims so much intelligence, you’re actually sorely lacking in that department. It’s a shame you seem to believe that old story of Fonda’s actions re: passing the note. Check Snopes – it will take you just a few clicks. You’ll find that that whole story is a lie. Oh, here, I’ll just GIVE you the direct link since you don’t seem to possess the wherewithal to do that:


        The actual American soldiers who were present that day say that it never happened. (“Malarkey” is how former Marine Corps pilot Edison Miller put it.) So before you brag about your intellectual prowess, you may wish to stop automatically believing anything contained in a hoary old email that was forwarded to you by your equally slothful and dim-witted friends.

        Also? That “your” at the beginning of your last paragraph? It’s “YOU’RE” in that circumstance, Victor. YOU’RE. Not your. This is second grade stuff, Victor. Surely someone as brilliant as yourself should know that. (Out of kindness, I’m ignoring the other errors in your post.) Have a great day! :)

  4. Ellen

    I’m dying to know why David Bowie was arrested in Rochester, NY of all places!

  5. Kathleen

    LOL @ Robert!
    These are wonderful. Poor Ozzy looks as if he got busted while wearing his pajamas.

  6. lmc

    Strangely, this is the first photo I’ve seen of Frank Sinatra that makes me understand jut why he was a “teen heart-throb”.

  7. eydie

    wow, frank sinatra had beautiful eyes. i only saw him older and wasn’t born when he was a teen idol. i get it now, why women were crazy about him.

  8. Hillary

    Everyone is so young! Its funny to see. Also i think the reason for the arrest should be under each picture.

  9. Jess

    *le David Bowie* “Hang on a moment, I have to put on my suit & comb my hair before I go.”


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