1970s: Svenska Dansband

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  1. qka

    Just wait until your grandchildren discover pictures of you taken this year.

  2. Carrie

    Is anyone besides me confused by the gender(s) of the Peders in the red satin shirts and black pants posed in front of their bus?

  3. Liutgard

    Ach! Ach! Ach! My eyes!!! I’ll never see again!!!

    (Ok, I’ll cop to having worn clothes very like some of those. But I have made sure that the negatives were destroyed, for the safety of others!)

  4. Moster Mysko

    One of the reasons for their clothes (besides 1970′ies fashion) was actually the Swedish tax system at the time. You could get a tax deduction for stage costumes, but only if it was evident that they only would be used on stage.


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