1944: “Theatre de la Mode”

‘After the liberation of 1944, French couture was at a standstill. With limited access to materials, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne conceived of a small exhibition, Théâtre de la Mode. The organizers commissioned two-feet tall dolls and invited the major fashion designers of the day to create exquisite miniature dresses. The show was an instant sensation.’

Via Elogedelart and Denisebrain

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  1. Jungle Ju

    These pictures are probably coming from the exhibition that was held in Paris in the end of 80′s/early 90′s in Paris.

    I remember I went with my mum ; I still have somewhere in my room the poster of the exhibition, that is the picture with the large black/green dress, had it on my walls for years !

  2. J

    If you would like to see this exhibit you still can at the Maryhill Museum in Goldendale, Washington! The museum sits right on the Columbia River Gorge and is quite lovely. They acquired the mannequins from the original international tour and now the nine sets and various mannequins are displayed in an ongoing rotation. You can get very close to admire the detail! I go every so often just to make sure I see the whole collection.

  3. Jungle Ju

    Just found back the poster after moving in, and it will fit well on my new walls and environement.
    I had no idea the exhibition was an international tour, or taht it was still up somewhere.
    I still live in Paris, but if one day I go to Washington, I’ll make sure to stop to see them again.

    I still clearly remember this exhibition, I was ten and it was probably the first time we were going to see something I choose, it was so incredible :)


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