These colour images of San Francisco were taken on Saturday 6th October 1906 by Frederick Eugene Ives. They show the damage caused to the city by the April 1906 earthquake and fire.

San Francisco 1
The images were discovered by National Museum of American History volunteer Anthony Brooks while cataloguing a collection donated by Ives’ son, Herbert.

San Francisco 2


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  1. Scotia

    And, if you try that “magic eye” trick, you can even make the provided stereograph images look 3D on your monitor… pretty cool.

  2. MerryMarjie

    I’d venture a guess that these were taken for a Stereopticon, the old-fashioned device that preceded the “Viewmaster” many may be familiar with. Dual pictures were taken and when projected through a viewer, the image became 3-D, and newsworthy events were very popular pictures people would want to see. This was long before television amused people, of course, so whole evenings would be devoted to showing and viewing the latest images.

    • Barbara

      They look like they were made using the subtractive method, which dates to the 1870s, at least. The image would be taken 3 times using three different color filters — red, green, & blue. Then it would be projected or printed using all 3 color filters. You can see the green and red color bleeding on the edges in the first two photos very easily.


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