1957: A visit to London

All pictures by Kåre (Kaare) Halse

Thank you to Kai Krog Halse

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  1. Jinx

    My father in law waxes on about when he saw London in the late 50′s. He was returning from his time in post-war Germany.

    He says the only vehicles you would see on the streets were the buses, the cabs, and Rolls Royces. He says the men would save up money, and would buy a car. They intended that this car would be the only car they would ever own, so they were waiting to afford quality. With the prevalence of other transportation options, this was possible then. And look at how open the streets were!

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Anonymous

    I miss the London I never experienced. And the building opposite Westminster Palace is so much better than the monstrosity they’ve built their now with its awful little tesco metro.

    • Mike

      Agree – the old Westminster Buildings were much nicer, at least from the outside. They were there well into the 1990s, I think.

  3. iain

    Please don’t romanticise and sentimentalise the 1950s, folks; I was born in 1950, and London was characterised by filthy buildings covered in soot, Trafalgar Sq was a mass of birdshit from the ubiquitous pigeons, British food was appalling and stayed that way for decades (I’ll take a Tesco’s pre-cooked supper over revolting lard and suet puddings any day, thank you very much) and the air was mephitically filthy; crippling smogs were common, and polio was epidemic. So be thankful for the clean, bright city we have in the 21st century.

    • Dave McDougall

      The one with the woman in green?

      No, that’s the Tower of London.


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