1919: “To Decrease Visibility”

Via New York Public Library, Each Day a Flower and Alex Butterworth

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  1. Nigel

    The perfect answer to all those slimming fads which burgeon during the New Year! Hopefully cheaper too!

  2. elmsyrup

    Really not sure why anyone would want to decrease visibility of their legs. To look like your torso is floating above the beach?

  3. Daniel Latinus

    @elmsyrup: IN 1919, for an adult woman to show her legs was probably pushing the boundaries of decent exposure.

  4. Philip

    @elmsyrup: Plus, it’s a spoof of dazzle-ships camouflage, which was used on battleships during WWI to break up their profiles when seen from sea.

  5. Deborah C

    It looks like the other women had on dark stockings also so the camo ones would really be a novelty.


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