1940s: Colour photographs of occupied Paris

“These images were taken in Occupied Paris during WWII by André Zucca for Nazi German propaganda magazine Signal using rare Agfacolor film supplied by the Wehrmacht. Zucca was arrested after the 1944 liberation but never prosecuted. He worked until his death in 1976 under an assumed name”

When exhibited in Paris in 2008, Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris, ordered a notice to accompany the images stating that the pictures avoid the “reality of occupation and its tragic aspects”

- The Times

Paris, WWII 34

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  1. zlaan

    que de belles photos !! magnifiques, même si certaines vehiculent des mauvais souvenirs … merci :)

  2. Nancy

    Ces photos sont absolument magnifiques ! La couleur apporte une nouvelle perspective et donne chair aux personnes, c’est ultra émouvant ! Un grand merci !

  3. lize

    A glimpse of the horror behind the photos- the woman branded with the yellow star bearing the word “Juif”

  4. prufrock

    God, I fucking hate Nazis. I love D-Day’s success, and what it wrought.

  5. Blackmoon33

    Paris under German occupation certainly looks better than Berlin, or any German city–from Koenigsberg to Stuttgart–under allied occupation. No evidence of mass rapes, starvation, forced prostitution, or slave labour–all the order of the day in “liberated” Germany.

    • J P McMahon

      You do know these are propaganda photos I hope? The Germans used a lot of slave labor in France to build their defenses against the Allies. Also a good portion of the French collaborated with the Nazis, particularly in the Vichy run part of France. The bad things you mentioned that happened in Germany, occurred in the Soviet sector. In the Western sector, Germany was allowed to rebuild into the economic powerhouse it is today.

    • Theo

      With all due respect but thousands of people were taken to transient camps in France before being shipped off to their deaths in Auschwitz. I don’t think Nazi occupation was a pleasant affair whatsoever.

      There are plenty of books on this subject.

    • john

      And don’t you EVER forget it. “We” didn’t start ANY of it but we’ll damn sure be glad to finish it.

  6. AK

    Paris looks to be getting along a lot better than downtown Falujah or anywhere else that has been liberated by the US.

    Don’t forget that it was the UK and France who declared war on Germaany.

    • BC

      Yes, as they were killing millions of innocent people. Fallujah never looked as put together as Paris. There is a cultural disconnect and this is comparing apples to oranges. Typical closed-minded hippy. That’s right, you hippies are closed-minded. Just because Rachel Maddow says it doesn’t make it correct.

      • Theo

        Britain declared war because of the invasion of Poland. Millions of people had not been murdered at this point. In fact many countries shut their doors on mass immigration which would’ve saved many lives.

        This is FACT!!!

        Also, it must be remembered that the USA joined in the war because of Pearl Harbour … not because of Hitler’s atrocities!

        In hindsight everyone knows why the Nazis needed defeating, but the original reason for fighting was something entirely different.

  7. Igor Alexander

    “I love D-Day’s success, and what it wrought.”

    What’s that? Unbridled Third World immigration? North Africans rioting in the Parisian suburbs?

  8. Random Devotchka

    These are great photos. Was anyone else in love with the shoes?
    My heart stopped when I saw the picture of the Jewish woman branded with the star. The rest seem almost like a fashion magazine or a travel brochure. And then that.

    Thank you for this! I will def. share it!

    • Feldon

      Don’t forget that lady had to write ‘Sara’ anytime she signed her name. If not she could “and would” be arrested by those pigs. Men had to sign ‘Jacob’…..just a little deal imposed on the locals of the Hebrew faith to take away their humanity. Makes me sick.

  9. RG34

    France pretty much put the Nazis in power, using the Crime Against Humanity of Versailles to rape the Germany they DIDN’T defeat and spending the entire 1920s going out of their way to keep it down (after the war broke out, LIFE had a story about interwar Germany which could be summarized as, Fuck Hitler, but the French brought this shit on themselves) – a policy which changed suddenly about 1933 – so it really shouldn’t be that surprising to see the average Parisian not exactlyliving any different than they would be otherwise.

  10. Fen

    Certainly looks a lot better than it does today. I’ll take Nazis over African gangs anyday.


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