c. 1900: Giant camera


“In 1900, George Lawrence built the world’s largest camera to take a photograph of the Alton Limited locomotive. The camera weighed 1400 pounds (640 kg) and used a 4.5′ × 8′ glass-plate negative. “

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  1. johnnyh

    Fantastic photos – that last one is amazing – how did they achieve that line up? are they on steps? I hope they didn’t have benches piled on top of other benches like we did at school – I wouldn’t want to be in the back row.

  2. Elizabeth

    Any details on the troops? They look Russian to me, especially in the top photo…

  3. Andy

    “Beautiful photos, but my first sad thought was ‘Your poor bastards; I wonder how many of you survived?’

    I suppose by now…none.


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