1936-2009: Shooting Gallery

‘In 1936, 16-year-old Ria van Dijk from Tilburg, Holland, fires a gun in a fairground shooting gallery. She hits the target, triggering a camera to take her portrait as a prize.

‘At the age of 88, Ria van Dijk still makes her annual pilgrimage to the Shooting Gallery.’

- Lens Culture

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  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    This is a wonderful collection. This woman deserves bundles of credit for doing this and sharing with us!

  2. Darian Zam

    now everyone knows how the hole REALLY got in the dyke.

    October 21, 2010 at 1:54 pm
    Dutch women and guns, dangerous combination.
    We never miss

  3. Ephstop

    The quality and composition of the photographs gets progressively worse as the technology “advances”.

  4. StanleyRumm

    Look at how beautiful and characterful those old photos are compared with the ones from the last 20 years. I hope this fairground moves on from old instant Kodaks soon.

  5. Melanie Ring

    Wow, what a collection. I love seeing the crowds and fashions changing as time goes on but her pose and concentration is always the same.

  6. Jane Smith

    Love the collection-wonderful! Lovely tailored clothes early on. Quite a lady!

  7. Vicki Stent

    Only on The Retronaut would you see something as unsual and unique as this! I agree with Stanley’s and Ephstop’s comments, the older photos are much better :)

  8. Abhinn Menon

    Wow…simply wow…she looks like she means business….look at her stance, the way she holds the rifle and the look in her eyes…Salute lady…thanks for sharing with us…

  9. Mikkel

    I was about to comment on what a coincidence it was that the person shooting looked so similar..

  10. Andy

    Superb. Anyone looking for a near inexhaustible source of images for a sequence of album covers need look no further. If you’re into that sort of thing. Which I am.

  11. klin

    How did they find a camera man every year? har har. These are great though. What an awesome woman.

  12. Charlie in NY

    The majority of the recent pics were all Polaroid, hence the crap quality. Plus the lack of DOF with a high Fstop/crap lens doesn’t give the pics any depth.


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