c.1930: Proto ‘SatNav’s

“The screen manually scrolls paper maps that are attached to a cable that is similar to a modern mechanical speedometer. Thus, the scroll rate of the map is proportional to vehicle’s speed.”

- Dieselpunks

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  1. J.D

    Looks like a roadbook like used by Motorcycles competing in the Dakar and similar long distance events

  2. Ralf Grosser

    scroll paper maps with a automatic, or manual advancer, were common on aircraft at the time, to help pilots read maps with their hands on the controls.

  3. Dario Delpiano

    In 2nd shot is shown a place named Brandizzo. That’s funny! Brandizzo is a small town near Turin, Piedmont, Italy, EU. Is there another Brandizzo in the USA? If so, was it founded by italian Brandizzo people?

  4. Andrea

    It is an italian made object, in facts in fascist Italy the U was often wrote as a V, as in latin. ITER AVTO = ITER AUTO


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