Piccadilly Circus, November 1950 Oxford Street, November 1950 Park Lane, November 1950

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  1. Edward Kotun

    There were several more color pictures of London that I took…they are on the same flickr.com site…also some pictures of Paris which are very retro. You may use them all with my compliments.

  2. Johnny68

    Great photos, and if you look closely at the third one, you can just see a police box in the background (zoom in and look just to the right of the belisha beacon, and there it is!) Something else that’s vanished from the streets, apart from the modern one at Earl’s Court, and given the modern connection with you-know-who, very appropriate for a Retronaut!

  3. Johnny Zero

    Fantastic shots. I reckon it is (from top to bottom) Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Park Lane?


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