Zebra Carriages 9

Zebra Carriages 2

Zebra Carriages 6

Sources: Shopkins Fossick / Natural History Museum / Popular Science

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  1. AJ

    I adore zebras! They are such under-appreciated live works of art! Every one of those photos is given a fresh dimension by the pattern of the zebra! Hurraaay to zebras everywhere!

  2. Von

    wow…really chuffed you took this one up…I love these images…I’ve even had dreams with zebras in!

    I wonder what other unusual forms of transportation there has been in history.

  3. lm656

    Zebras tend to be wild and unpredictable. Some people ride them but only skilled riders/trainers

  4. emtee01

    Great shots! The middle photo is not labelled but it was Baron Walter Rothschild, who used to take his coach and four zebras up the Mall to Buckingham Palace. Sorry if you knew this already!


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