1895-1911: Portraits by F. Holland Day

Ethel Reed in plumed hat, c. 1895

Portrait, 1896

Woman in dark dress, 1896

Portrait, 1896

Portrait, 1896

Portrait, 1898

Portrait, 1905

Boy in profile, 1905

Portrait, 1906

Hirakita Hyakubotu, 1909

Tony, 1911

4 Responses

  1. barbara

    I was so happy to see David Leung’s face again this morning. What a marvelous glimpse into the past. It is especially touching to me to see these wonderful faces so naturally presented and not the stiff, formal, self-aware portraits that one usually sees from that era. Thank you for these; they are truly special.

  2. Amelia

    I agree with barbara..Although these people lived over a 100 years ago, they seem soooo real,so accessible!
    Greetings from Greece.I feel so lucky that i found your precious retroworld!!!


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