1957: Monsanto “House of the Future”

“The Monsanto House of the Future was an attraction at Disneyland, California from 1957 to 1967. The design and engineering of the house was done jointly by Monsanto, MIT and Walt Disney Imagineering. The attraction offered a tour of a home of the future, set in the year 1986.

“The reinforced concrete foundation of the House of the Future was never removed. It currently exists in its original location, now found in the Pixie Hollow attraction. The foundation has been painted green and is currently in use as a planter.”

- Wikipedia

Source: Yesterland

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  1. John Devlin

    Saw it back in the day, and still feel a thrill when seeing photos of the “Monsanto house of the future.” It’s like a Raymond Lowy-designed Studebaker … looks great even after the passage of many years.

  2. Scott

    I remember reading that they had a heck of a time taking it down. It turned out to be stronger than anticipated, and was over budget by a factor of 3.

  3. Jacob

    Anything Monsanto sucks. The house is a terrible design and the best possible thing happened – they turned its base into a planter.

    Then again, they’re probably growing Monsanto GM corn in it with which they’ll build new houses of the future. Chemical companies making houses and food should really make people shudder.

  4. Simon Hawkin

    GM food is one of the best things that has happened to the humanity. Millions of people have been saved from starvation. But it’s easy to dismiss while living an easy life in an affluent society.

  5. TR

    Simon, I emphatically disagree. Those people who would have starved without gm foods would have starved because their traditional crops had already been displaced by “modern” varieties that did not evolve in their bioregion. The traditional heirloom varieties need to be preserved- not displaced as already has happened. But monsanto doesnt make any money by having farmers not being dependent on their GMOs. You can eat gm crops that are bioengineered to contain their own insecticides. I dont want it.

  6. ThatDarnCat

    All food is genetically modified. That’s what crossbreeding is. So long as it doesn’t include putting fish oil in my corn, it’s all good. “Heirloom” crops are also GM, just not in a laboratory. The real evil of modern GM food is that you CAN”T grow bearing plants from the seeds.


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