August 1913: Colour photographs of Cornwall



Farm worker and gate

Hay cart with carter and children


Albert Kahn's house party, Carbis Bay

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  1. Janet Bari- nee Rose

    These are out standing photos. was born in PZ now live Australia, grew up among these places. The walk up Paul Hill is still very steep. Going back next year. Thank-you again for a little bit of nostalgica & happness. Janet xx

    • Ian Martin Dyer

      Hello Janet. I have been looking for J.F.Rose from Bryer House in Penzance.Cornwall.UK. I have found out that J.F.Rose has a sister called Wendy and a brother called Brian Rose. J.F.Rose worked at St Mary’s hospital in Portsmouth in 1963 as a domestic worker.She was born on 16/09/1944 She had a son in the same hospital in the same year. 26/01/1963. He was named Guy Martin Rose. I know this is a delicate subject in both cases but I was told at a early age that I was adopted at 4 months old. I have my original birth certificate with relevant information on. I now feel it’s time to make contact.I am hoping that you might be able to help me please. Kind Regards

  2. Mike Walling

    Wonderful photographs. I always think are there any surviving descendants/relatives who can identify anyone depicted here? Some of the houses must be recognisable as well?

  3. MattF

    Found the Towednack Church in Google Earth: 50.189251° -5.522075° A search for Carbis Bay turns up this: 50.198327° -5.464773°

  4. Barb

    Did you notice that the two women in the photos of “Ford” and “Farm House near Ford” appear to be holding the same exact pose in both photos? The only difference is that they are further apart in the “Farm House near Ford” photo. Have a feeling a bit of early “photoshopping” done here! LOL

  5. May

    Barb- doesn’t look like it, because there are small differences in the angle of the had, and the feet of the woman in the green sweater are spaced differently :)

  6. Rosemary

    ‘Coastal houses’ at Penzance shows the Battery at Penzance and the buildings on the right may be lime kilns


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