1968: Checking her reflection in a Roller, Carnaby Street

Source: Arby Reed
Submitted by: Martin Devlin

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  1. Dodo

    Oh, picture #1! I want her shoes. And I demand a return to the insouciant foulard for gentlemen.

  2. Fishislandskin

    The brightly coloured building is the Lord John Shop on Carnaby street and is definatly not the Beatles Apple Boutique which was located at 94 Baker Street, I worked in Carnaby Street from 1966 to 1967 and also worked in the Apple shop prior to it closing down.

  3. Sarah

    I’m researching Carnaby street for a novel, can anyone help? A shopkeeper who still works in one of the little shops in Ganton Street said it used to be paved in orange? I want to site a bookshop as near as possible, but I get the feeling that within the Carnaby street area wouldn’t work as it was all clothes. Would it feel wrong to read about one there, or where would have been a good site close too?

  4. Steve Gershinson

    The Apple shop which was owned by the Beatles was in Baker street and run by a Sweedish couple who designed the clothes. The Apple Corp. offices were in Saville Row.

  5. Mike

    The Beatles shop was in Baker Street, at the corner with Paddington Steet, where I worked in 1966. In Paddington Street, that is, not in the shop!

  6. Ferdinand Edwards

    Carnaby Street post cars,ie pedestrianised, was paved in an orange and black coloured kind of triangulated chequerboarded pattern which got grubbier and grubbier, now long gone. But it looked great in the 70′s and 80′s. The place was always a honeypot for youth/tourists and the second wave of mods/ska boys. Was THE place to go for funky clothes in the late 60′s – I went to George Best’s shop for far out shirts and maybe a chance to see the man which of course never happened. But I did meet him at his Dover Street club Blondes in the 80′s……

  7. thom

    Visited Carnaby St on a school trip around 1967-8 and always remember the bright yellow shop frontages where the shop colour schemes were also painted onto the pavement in front of the shops.


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