Mercedes Benz Trossi Trossi side

“Named after Carlo Trossi, its first owner, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Only five original SSKs survive today. Trossi bought and sold this car several times from when he first registered it in 1932 through 1949. It eventually ended up with Ralph Lauren”


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  1. Paul

    This looks like the 1930s Batmobile – or something Bela Lugosi may have owned.

  2. Jim

    Nice! Its a shame we don’t see much exuberance on the roads these days – all the cars look the same!

  3. Q

    Oh no no no, the Caddy Hartmann is an amazing car, but cheesy as hell! The Trossi is in a completely different league. And the Atlantic, well… in a league of its own.

  4. Archie

    Count Trossi was obviously some kind of supervillain. Probably with an eye patch, a long silver cigarette holder, and a black cape.

  5. Auntie Loch-Braiques

    The two surviving Bugatti 57SC Atlantics, ch.nos. 57374 and 57591, are, as one of the other commenters has said, in a class by themselves.

  6. Djll

    I’ve seen that Hartmann Cadillac up close in person, and, as someone says above, it’s cheesy. And way out of proportion. The ‘teardrop’ Talbot-Lagos from the late 1930s, by Figoni & Falaschi, are IMO the most beautiful cars ever built, if one must have a “most” something. The Bugatti 57C Altantics are close behind. The Trossi Mercedes is stunning but a little too sharp-edged for my taste to be “most beautiful.”


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